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Fresh from Farm: The way to healthy living

July 27, 2019

With the increasing use of packaged food or foods from public market sold by vendors, we have been missing a lot on nutritional value of the food items that we eat. You ask me why? Here are some reasons that will make you think.

  1.  Excessive use of chemicals to ripen the food or enhance their growth has adverse impacts both on environment and health. Many researches done in this field have established pesticides-cancer relationship. Strong pesticides used in the vegetables gradually get deposit into human body and has a link with cancer (Miah et al. 2014).
  2.  Use of preservatives to not let the edibles rot makes it to look fresh though the nutritional value might have eroded.
  3.  Use of pesticides lead to various chronic health symptoms like lethargy, fatigue, headache and eye problems.
  4.  Many edibles get imported from neighboring countries and there is controversy going on about the effectiveness of policy to testify the amount of hazardous chemicals. The news portals are filled with the stories on abundance of imported “poisonous” fruits in markets.

Does that mean we should stop eating then? Definitely not! There can be several options such as kitchen gardening, contacting local producers or getting them from organic farms. Here are a couple of organic food options available at the tip of your fingers in Foodmandu App.

1. Farmers Market

Situated in Panipokhari, Kathmandu, Farmer’s Market creates a platform where potential buyers can get the farm foods i.e. fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products and even prepared foods and beverages directly from those who produced it- the farmers. Farmers market at Le Sherpa is a physical retail market featuring foods sold directly by farmers to consumers. It operates every Saturday. Multiple farms, restaurants, bakery shops, etc. are available at one place. You can also place order from Sunday to Friday till 4:00 P.M. in Foodmandu app or website and it will get delivered on Saturday from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.

2. Ashapuri Organic Farm

Ashapuri Organic Farm is situated at Uttardhoka. You can get variety of items that have come fresh from the farm here. Yacon Syrup, Tea, Chia Seeds, Corn, Dried Tulsi, Gundruk, Draga Fruit, Watermelon, Veggies and incense sticks are some major products available in this farm. It has been providing pure and fresh vegetables to local and foreign customers in day-to-day basis. The products are well-certified and tested for export to Japan and U.S. You can place your order through Foodmandu everyday from 7:00a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Hope we’ve given you one of the easiest solutions now. You don’t even have to go to shopping and bargain in the public markets anymore. Both the farmers and market are available at one place in the tip of your fingers now. #DoTheFoodmandu!

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