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Emerging Start-ups In Nepal With a Bright Future in 2021

November 29, 2020 (Last Updated: June 17, 2022)

On November 11 this year, Foodmandu completed its 10th year of serving foodaholics of all kinds, across Kathmandu valley. In all this time, we have partnered with hundreds of restaurants and offered our services to hundreds of thousands of happy customers. Our journey, since our establishment in 2010 till today, has been a roller coaster ride. Keeping in mind everything that we’ve been through, we devised an exciting way to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Now, though we are the most preferred choice when it comes to food delivery services currently, we had a very humble beginning. 10 years ago, we were just a startup, and we had to face every small and big challenge that a startup has to. We didn’t even imagine that we’d get this far. It brings smiles to our faces at the moment, realizing that we made it. On the occasion of our anniversary, we shared this joy with similar startups by partnering with them in various capacities.

Starting from November 11 till November 20, i.e. for 10 days, we featured 10 start-up businesses on our Foodmandu app. Since visibility is an attribute that any start-up thrives for, we hoped for these businesses, most of them, to benefit from it. The users of the Foodmandu app, on the other hand, could order the products and services offered by these businesses, through the app. Needless to say, it was quite an experience, for us and for our partners.

This is just the beginning of many more partnerships that we’re looking forward to in the days to come. There are going to be similar or even more astonishing surprises for our valued customers. And this initiative that we’ve taken to promote the freshly established startups is definitely going to continue beyond the duration of these 10 days, in the days to come. Here’s a brief insight into the 10 startup businesses we’re promoting to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

Tootle Tootle

Started in January of 2017, Tootle is a popular ride-sharing app. It has proven to be one of the most lucrative businesses, bagging the award of the most promising startup, presented by Seedstars World in 2017 itself. Tootle is basically an app that connects bike riders with passengers willing to travel to a certain destination. The bike riders aren’t random people, as they’re required to go through a strict screening process to serve as one. Currently, there are around 4000 bike riders registered with Tootle, who serve a large user base of 20,000 to 30,000.

We partnered with Tootle during this 10 days period. They were also our on a ground partner, meaning that the trustworthy Tootle riders partnered with us to make our deliveries and surprised the lucky customers with exciting gifts and vouchers.


Sastodeal is a preferred online store, where you can buy all kinds of things. The company started in December 2011, with visionary people and a limited budget. They have gone through their fair share of struggles and challenges. Currently, it is one of the most successful eCommerce companies in Nepal, partnering with thousands of vendors and serving millions of customers. Sastodeal’s eCommerce site connects the sellers willing to sell various items and the interested buyers. Quite like the name of the company, the items are offered at an exciting and affordable price.

Just like Tootle, Sastodeal was also our on-ground partner. The credible delivery staff from Sastodeal associated with Foodmandu to execute a small number of food deliveries and surprised the lucky customers with various gifts and vouchers. It was quite an experience collaborating with them.


UG is probably one of the most preferred names, especially for individuals who love online shopping. They offer different products, and mainly cakes on their portal. The company doesn’t just prepare designer, beautiful looking cakes, but also delivers it at the doorstep of its customers. UG or Urban Girl started in 2012 as a one-stop solution for online shopping. They started working with cakes only in 2014. This remarkable business idea helped the owners bag the best startup of the year award in 2018.

We also partnered with UG to celebrate our 10th anniversary. They were our on-ground partner, and also our on app partner. This means that the users of Foodmandu were able to order UG Bazaar products from our app during this 10 days long duration. Also, quite like the former two, UG collaborated with us in the on-ground activation.

Braj Beauty Braj Beauty

Braj Beauty is yet another new and promising startup. They started offering their services in February 2020. They are the first business in Nepal to offer salon service to clients in the comfort of their homes. All that the customers need to do is download their app, and as per their suitable time, book the time and date for the services to be offered. The skilled beauticians of Braj Beauty offer you their services at an affordable price, and while doing so, they use good quality tools and cosmetics. Braj Beauty is a part of Brajeshwori Group.

During the celebration period of Foodmandu, the services of Braj Beauty could be booked from our official app. This made them our on app partner. Without a doubt, the idea of offering such services at home is an innovative and promising one.

Khaalisisi Khaalisisi

Foodmandu is proud to partner with Khaalisisi that doesn’t just have a profit motive towards establishing a startup, but also an objective to make the environment better. Khaalisisi partners with friends who help them collect recyclable items from households. Later, these items are either recycled into useful objects or reused, depending on their condition. As a customer, if you have a bunch of recyclable waste, all you need to do is book a date and time with Khaalisisi. On the said day and time, a Khaalisisi friend will appear at your doorstep to collect the waste.

The customers are benefited from this as they are paid for all the waste, and overall, it happens to be a friendlier way to manage these items. Khaalisisi was our on app partner, so, during this 10 days celebration period, the users of Foodmandu could buy Khaalisisi’s recycled products through the app.

Cotton Mills NepalCotton Mills Nepal

Cotton Mills Nepal is another startup that looks beyond economical gain and into environmental friendliness. The business produces items such as cushion covers, bedsheets, drapes, and so many others using 100% natural fiber. The business is a sustainable one and is run by local community women. The business was set up in 2011 by two sisters. Their objective wasn’t just to produce cotton products but also to introduce fashion, aesthetics, and luxury into it, and at the same time, use and share the ancient art of hand printing.

Cotton Mills Nepal was also one of our on app partners, and so, you could order all their featured products through the Foodmandu app. The service was made available to mark our 10 year anniversary, and our valued users could take the benefit only for a duration of 10 days.

Kitab Yatra 

Kitab Yatra

Kitab Yatra is another startup that doesn’t need much introduction. The business kicked off in 2017 with an objective to develop healthy reading habits in people, by making books from all genres available to them. Their motive is also to create an environment where book reading is valued. Kitab Yatra is simply an online store featuring books at affordable rates, and the customers could buy them by visiting their website. Thanks to the search mechanism, it’s a simple process to sort through the huge array of books showcased on their website.

On the 10th year anniversary of Foodmandu, the users of the app were able to order the books of Kitab Yatra from Foodmandu itself. The business was one of our on app partners during the 10 days celebration duration, and so, this facility was available only for a limited period.

Sajilo Marmat Sewa Sajilo Marmat Sewa

Safilo Marmat Sewa has made things quite convenient for homeowners, or anyone who is in need of handyman services, by making them easily available. The idea is to simply contact Sajilo Marmat Sewa, and fix a date and time with them. On the said day and time, handymen will appear at your doorstep in order to solve the problem, like electrical, plumbing, and so on, you’re facing. The thought to start a venture as such took shape during a class at Kathmandu University. The entrepreneurs who’ve started a business are a bunch of KU graduates.

For the duration of 10 days, you could book the services of Sajilo Marmat Sewa through the Foodmandu app. They were our on app partners for the 10-year celebration of the establishment of Foodmandu. We are proud to have featured the company on our app.

Helmets Nepal Helmets Nepal

Helmets Nepal introduces itself as a one-stop solution for bike lovers, especially the ones who are looking to buy helmets and safety gear. Initiated by a bunch of young and dynamic individuals, Helmets Nepal exists in the form of a physical and as well as an online store. Through their eCommerce website, you could order their products online. The products featured at Helmets Nepal aren’t just top-notch when it comes to safety, but also, they’re quite fashionable. They are quite a hit among bike riders. In their own words, they sell fashion with protection.

On the 10th anniversary of Foodmandu, we had Helmets Nepal as one of our on app partners. So, quite like the businesses above, you could order their products as well from the Foodmandu app for a limited duration, i.e. for a period of 10 days.

Studio SarcasticStudio Sarcastic

Studio Sarcastic has managed to gain quite a popularity among the youths. They offer a range of lifestyle products like mugs, bookmarks, posters, phone cases, and so on; all of them designed to fit the customers’ attitude. Apart from offering these items, they also help businesses with services such as promotional material design, events, marketing, and so on. The startup was started by a group of creative individuals, who take pride in producing items that stand apart when it comes to aesthetics. Their products can be bought online or from their physical store.
Studio Sarcastic was another app partner of Foodmandu. You could order their products and services from the app for a limited duration of 10 days. They were featured as our partner as a part of the promotional campaign to mark the 10 year anniversary of Foodmandu.

The idea behind starting a movement like this was not only to build a collaborative environment for new or upcoming startups but also to show support for one another and help other startups grow to their full potential. 

Our idea to start a movement like this wouldn’t have materialized had it not been for the startup brands’ cooperation and efforts. Most importantly, our customers and the users of the Foodmandu app, are the real heroes here. As a matter of fact, without our valued clients and well-wishers, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

This long journey that we’ve covered seemed impossible 10 years ago, and at this moment, what lies ahead of us, 10 years into the future, seems unfathomable. If there is one thing that’s certain, it’s a simple fact that our relentless efforts in this sector will continue. We look forward to further refine our services, and come up with interesting initiatives as such, with the objectives of benefitting our customers and giving back to the community. Here’s to 10 more years of Foodmandu!

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