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November 11, 2020 (Last Updated: June 17, 2022)

We are 10!

If somebody had told me 10 years ago that we would be Nepal’s most preferred online food delivery platform, I would thank them for their wishful thinking, roll up my sleeves and be on my way to pick up a few deliveries myself. It’s astonishing to me how a small idea that arose from small inconvenience at work I faced back in 2010 is now a 10 year old company.

Partly because the first few years of Foodmandu was a series internal debate between staying afloat or shutting shop. Foodmandu was ahead of its time in Nepal by at least 5 years. Online food delivery was a concept, in Nepal or countries around the globe, that was not very well understood. This created our first and biggest challenge – educating and acquainting our customers and restaurant partners of online food delivery and all the little connivences it came with. However, we were persistent and resilient through the years and were set out to realize our goals and aspirations.

Our journey began as a small company with less than a handful of people working towards a common goal of delivering hot food as quick as possible., today we have a total strength of 200+ team members and going strong.

The one thing that’s been consistent in our work in the past 10 years has been our dedication to innovate. Our constant strive for creativity in everything we do has been our muse.

We are thankful for all our stakeholders, customers, restaurant partners and pillars to Foodmandu – our team members. Without their dedication and support, hitting the 10 year mark wouldn’t have been possible or nearly this much fun.

Don’t stay hungry, #dothefoodmandu

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