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Easy Cocktail Recipes

May 25, 2019

Sitting by the window on a sunny day and wishing for the temperature to cool down has become our favorite hobby now. We can’t do much about the weather but cooling down with a chilled glass of summer drink is something all of us can do. Well, we thought of sharing some quick cocktail recipe so that you can order few drink at your place mix them and beat the summer heat with something interesting and easy. Here are some cocktail recipes you should try this summer:

Strawberry Lime Champagne

Whether you are planning a brunch or quick bite with your circle, this easy strawberry, lime, and champagne cocktail will be a chic refreshment in midst of summer days. Use fresh strawberry to make 45 ml smooth paste. Take 10ml of lime juice and 100 ml of champagne or any sparkling wine. Mix all ingredients and blend. Pour in a glass and add some strawberry, lime and mint on top for garnishing.

Beer Margarita

Cut 1 lime into wedges. Get ¼ cup of coarse salt which is easily available. 2 chilled bottles of beer and 100 ml of highly concentrated limeade which is basically lime, water and sugar. 100ml chilled tequila. Get some ice cubes as well. First coat glass rims with lime wedges and dip it slightly into salt. Combine all ingredients. Add ice cubes and garnish with lime wedges.

Cranberry orange mimosa

Get 60 ml of cranberry juice, 30 ml of orange juice and champagne enough to fill a glass. First of all, mix the juices in a glass. Add champagne to fill the glass. Finally, top with orange, and cranberry slices to garnish.

Spiked cranberry lemonade

Get 100 ml of lemonade, 30ml of cranberry juice, 50 ml of vodka, and ice cubes. Add lemonade, cranberry juice, and vodka to a cocktail glass and shake well. Finally add some ice cubes and garnish with some lemon wedges, berries and rosemary springs.

Cuba libre

Get 45 ml rum, 10 ml lime juice, 90 ml coke and 2/3 lime wedges. Take the ice cubes in a glass and fill it with rum. Drop the lime wedges you’ve cut. Finally pour the chilled coke. Stir and serve. Whether you are chilling out in pool or your own home, this cocktail recipe is suitable and easy, isn’t it?

What else do you want to make your summer refreshing and chilled? Well, you can always order the main ingredients from Greenline centre and Foodmandu bar. Do let us know your experience of making your own cocktail.

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