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Symptoms you’re addicted to meat

August 8, 2019 (Last Updated: August 7, 2023)

4/5th of the World Population eats or is likely to eat meat! (Leahy et al. 2010)
Well, no one can deny the fact that people who have clicked this blog love meat. But are you addicted?? According to George D Pamplona-Roger, M.D. in his book “Foods That Heal”, he mentions that hypoxanthine that is present in meat items works as stimulant like caffine and causes addiction. Well, Well! That is too much of a information to begin with. Check if you are addicted!

1. Vegetarian dishes sound so tasteless

Have you ever faced a situation when you have vegetarian friends around but you would still stick to your non-veg menu? Well, that might be a lot common and doesn’t seem addictive. Yes you do have the right to order anything you want. It’s democracy! But is it because you can’t resist meat and/or vegetarian mo:mo, chowmein or any other food as such do not bring the taste to your tastebuds? If yes, it’s high time to slow down a little bit and avoid the addiction.

2. Going to a typical veg restaurant reminds you of non-veg items

You go to a typical veg restaurant. Even though there is no meat around, you start craving for it. Or maybe you start using your phone and drooling by seeing the pictures of non-veg items that you had clicked last time you went out. If the vegetarian vibes in a veg restaurant can’t stop you from resisting meat, hi there! You might be addicted!

3. You can eat 2 bites more when there is non-veg piece

You have a plate full of food. You are finding it difficult to complete. But once chicken soup or piece is added to the plate, you take no time to complete it all. Wohoo! What was stopping you early? You’ve got the answer 😉

4. Shrawan can’t stop you

This could be a major indicator though it seems funny. Normally, we assume that we can stop eating something that we eat a lot whenever we want. But without us knowing it, it becomes addiction. The case is same with meat. Hindu culture prohibits eating meat during shrawan or even ekadashi. But I see so many people not being able to avoid even for such short time. There are two reasons, one is you don’t want to and next is you can’t. Many people would choose the first option, I’m sure. But is the second option root cause leading to the first?

5. If you have to eat out daily, you would eat non-veg everyday

Growing up comes with a lot of work which leads us to eat outside home due to time limitations. While eating in home, there would be balance of veg and non-veg making it not very addictive. But while eating outside daily, people go for non-veg option everyday leading to addiction.

Looking for ways to remove addiction? Dr. Neal Barnard, the author of Breaking the Food Seduction states that 3 weeks are enough to remove cravings for addictive foods like meat. No doubt, how logical it is to observe Shrawan as a vegetarian month. So take your 3 weeks break from meat and meat products and kick the addiction off your body. You can order yummy vegetarian foods from the veggie delight section in Foodmandu app. And if you can does that without contracting your heart while plenty of non-veg items are still available from widest range of restaurants, congratulation! You’re no more addicted! 😀

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