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Hail! The Mighty Hotdog.

May 4, 2016 (Last Updated: May 9, 2016)
Chicago Sear Tower hotdog

An average hotdog has a bun, a sausage, mustard, ketchup and is a few inches long. But Chicago Sear Tower defies normal hotdogs. It is the mightiest dogs of all hot dogs. Weighing about a kilo or two, this has to be the largest hot dog in town. Overloaded with sausages, bacon, veggies, cheese and eggs, sear tower is a foot and a few inches long.  Yeah, you heard me right, “A foot long hot dog”. 😀


Chicago Sear Tower is The Lunch Box’s master piece. When Jimi Prem karthak, owner of The lunch box proudly presented us with this giant hot dog, all we could do was gasp. Watching him make this baby was stupendous. Every time he added another piece of bacon, we’d go “OKAY.  He is not going to stop, is he? “ Right from the size of bun to the quantity of filling into it, it was humongous. Pieces after pieces of bacon, sausages, chicken salami, topped with cheese and fried eggs. Oh, and fresh veggies. You wouldn’t believe what effort and content went into the hot dog, if you didn’t see it with your own two eyes.Chicago Sear Tower hotdog

Hotdogs are easy, messy eats. The larger the hot dog, the messier it gets. How could one simply eat the gigantic sear towers, without creating a mess out of it. But thank god ( in our case thank Jimmy Dai) for an easy idea to roll this monster dog in a foil and serve it in pieces. Still, we were not successful to eat it clean. The sear tower was worth all the mess. The crunch from the veggies, the subtle taste of salami, bacon and sausages in every bite, right amount of spice from mustard and ketchup, the experience was cheesy and juicy.


The sear tower is a social food. Gather around with a bunch of your best friends and create silly yet scrumptious memory of eating it. Make some noise, put away your phone and for ones just talk with people not phones while retreating to a delicious meal.

HAIL, The Mighty Hot dog! 😀

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