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Day 1: Thukpa Day (25 December, 2015)

January 11, 2016 (Last Updated: February 21, 2016)
daily winner day 1

First food for first day challenge of Nanglo Express Food Haute powered by Foodmandu was slippery, soupy “Thukpa”. How hard can it be to eat a bowl of Thukpa, right? Well, it’s hard when strings of thukpa are sliding through your spoon while feeding it to your partner.It was not eating thukpa but feeding thukpa challenge. The pair of participants were seated in-front of each other with bowls of thukpas laid in table between them. The challenge was to finish two bowls of thukpa, as well as the soup, with spoons by feeding it to the other member of participating team within a time limit of 10 minutes.

To win the first day’s thukpa feeding challenge, there were one pair of participants each from Parewa Labs, Lemon Pvt. Ltd and Wave Magazine. Beating the time limit and feeding thukpa fastest to one another, Team Parewa Labs became Thukpa feeding Heroes of the day. Winners from Parewa labs, Xebish Bajracharya and Praveen Shrestha were quiet in sync while feeding thukpa to each other. All the teams must have enjoyed that twist to thukpa eating.

Congratulations Again Team Parewa labs!

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