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Faces of Foodmandu: Caesar Shrestha

November 15, 2016
Time surely flies faster than imagined. We’ve just completed our 6th Anniversary, which makes it 5 years of my service at Foodmandu. I still remember our early days when the entire team  was of under 10 people and now, we have over 45 enthusiast in our family. 

faces of foodmandu
Initial phases at Foodmandu were difficult and challenging time of the organization. Building the trust among the customer and making them aware of the online ordering system was formidable. Equally challenging, was to convince the restaurant owners for the association. I still remember we had over 40 restaurants at that time and today we’re serving from more than 130 popular restaurants of the valley, still more to come.
2016-11-15It has not been an easy journey with socio-economical and political changes in our country. We couldn’t have faced this situation without the help of our dedicated team with continuous and undoubted support from the management. The cooperative working environment, like-minded people working together are the valuable asset of the organization. With the completion of 6 years,  I still feel we have more to achieve and i believe, we can with the relentless support we get from our customers, member restaurants and the entire Foodmandu family.”
-Caesar Shrestha
  Business Development Manager

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