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Day 2: Sandwich Day (27 December, 2015)

January 11, 2016 (Last Updated: February 21, 2016)
day 2 winner

Day 2 of Nanglo Express Food Haute by Foodmandu, got harder and interesting. Food for the day was Sandwich, an easy meal for busy people. But how could we just let participants grab that bite of sandwich so easily. For twisting things a little, we used some table tennis balls, clipboards and bins. Imagine a team of two, one hanging the clipboard to their belts, standing right behind the bin. The partner on the other side holding tennis balls and bouncing it to make it touch that hanging clipboard and score in the bin. Every score you make, earns you one bite of sandwich each. And the game continues till one team eats up all of their sandwiches. Sounds easy? Try it for yourself then!

Teams from World Link Pvt. Ltd, Himalayan Brewery and Kantipur media hustled up for title of daily winner for day 2. Team Himalayan Brewery landed as winner of daily challenge day 2 excelling their competitors. The winning duo of Subha Dulal and Diwas Ghimire proved with experience comes great skills. They tackled our twist and became Food Kings for day 2.


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