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Day 5: Pasta Day (30 December, 2015)

January 12, 2016 (Last Updated: February 21, 2016)

Food for the day, “Spaghetti with Meat balls”. Spaghetti are named as world’s most romantic food. But we kinda made it a devil-ish dish. Everyone likes slurping strings of spaghetti with chunks from meat ball. But not everyone is a fan of eating spaghetti with a chopstick (at least not in Nepal). Thus, Day 5 challenge included spaghetti and chopsticks. And, also spoons and glasses.

There is this quite annoying yet, fascinating game called spoon frog where a player needs to hit an edge of one spoon to score the other spoon into the glass. And by rules, whoever scores first wins. Fun, right? Our participants needed to do just that to eat a portion of spaghetti every time. Basically, it was hit the spoon, score it, run, eat and repeat till plates are empty. And win, of course.

The participants for the spoon frog spaghetti challenge were Team Aqysta, Team Artlab and second team from World link Pvt. Ltd. The team that proved to be champs in spoon frog and also, showed off their skills with chopstick was our winner team, Team Aqysta. Madhu Ninghelkhu and Santosh Bista representing team Aqysta, went home with a spot for Grand Finale and free food worth Rs.1500.


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