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Food Finale (31 December, 2015)

January 12, 2016 (Last Updated: February 21, 2016)

Our participants might have been only excited, but we were totally pumped up for the event to have successfully landed till the food finals. We wanted the finale to be all about food. No twist and turns just food. So, what we ended up with was a 3 course meal relay. You know, the kind where there are multiple runners, who tag and run. Foodmandu food relay was no different only, the relay also included food. The food that they had to eat comprised of Nanglo’s signature dish, “Sizzlers”, six pieces of luscious buffalo wings dipped in hot sauce and finally ending with even hotter piro alu. The rules of this games were simple. one member of team finished all of their food that were laid table by table, then tagged the other player who then cleared off their plates. The one team to finish first becomes the winner.

Our five teams for finale, who endured our daily challenge, were all set to conquer for that final crown of food-glory. Team Parewa Labs, Team Himalayan Brewery, Team Trishakti Distillery, Team M & S and Team Aqysta, five teams, one challenge and one title. Eating, running and tagging in the speed of flash we had our final winner, Team Himalayan Brewery. You should have definitely seen the performance of this winning duo, Diwas Ghimire and Subha Dulal. They left the audience awestruck. The final winner went home with free food delivery worth Rs. 3000 from any member restaurant of foodmandu and 20% more if they ordered from Nanglo Express.

All in all, we had an amazing week watching at our foodies eat, and our participants must have enjoyed the food and oh, twist involved.

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