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Day 4: Burger Day ( 29 December, 2015)

January 11, 2016 (Last Updated: February 21, 2016)
day 4 winner

Burgers are messy, yet undeniable. A perfect food for Day 4 challenge. To make Day 4 awesomely insane, we needed to really scratch our heads. A pair of participant eating burger to win free food does not really make sense. So, what we did was placed a plate of burger and fries each on two tables in opposite direction. The rules are clear they need to travel from one table to another to grab one bite of burger each. What made this task a challenge is the balloon. Traveling from one end of the venue to another balancing balloon between two participants, and grabbing that bite of burgers without letting the balloon fall, that’s a challenge. Whichever team completed their assigned burgers first wins.

The participating team for Burger Challenge were Team M&S, Team Vichitra and Team Furniture Land. Well, all the teams were proficient with their balloon balancing skills. No one seem to want to lose their balloons. But duo Pranjal  Ghimire and Tshering Lama, from team M & S were also able to be proficient with their plate of burger and fries which lead them to be the Burger Kings for the day.

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