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Food to Fuel before Workout

August 24, 2019

Being a huge foodie while still maintaining fit and healthy body is a huge challenge most of us face. Going to gyms or basic workout at home is one of the most common ways we adopt to maintain the balance. Here are some awesome varieties that will get you refreshed as well as prepared to feel the burn. These foods will fuel you up the right way before you jump into the fitness wheel.

1. Oats

Oats is well-known for its goodness for morning workouts. You can neither exercise on an empty stomach nor is it recommended to do on a full stomach. Oat gives the right amount of calorie needed for your body to get along with the exercises. Adding some fruits to the bowl is even better. Curilo, European Bakery, Hermann Helmers and Mike’s Breakfast are serving this healthy food to suit your breakfast need.

2. Brown Rice:

Not everyone has time for workout in the morning. There are plenty of people hitting up the gym after work in the evening. For these people, brown rice is a perfect pre-workout meal as it is absorbed slowly thus providing enough carb and fibre. You can order it from Alice Restaurant, Café Cheeno, Mama’s Curries and Oskar Bar and Grill

3. Banana:

With the richness of starch and sugar, Bananas provide energy to the body. Experts claim that 1 medium sized banana eaten around 45 minutes before the workout will keep you going till the end of workout because of abundance of carbohydrates (Times of India,2017) . You can always get bananas from Ashapuri Organic Farm and take substitutes like Havana Banana from Blenders. Havana oh na na ! or should it be Havana Ba-na-na? Lol.

4. Omelets:

Rich in protein, eggs are good source of fuel for fitness freaks. They should be consumed a couple of hours ahead of workout for enhancing muscles. They contain amino acid as well. You can order variety of omelets from A-one café, Everest Fast Food Café, Mama’s Curries, etc.

5. Yoghurt:

Yoghurt contains calcium as well as protein. Furthermore, the natural sugar content present in it is a good source of energy. It is a good option for rigorous workouts. You can get them from KC’s Restaurant,Little Door Café, Mike’s Breakfast and Southern Comfort.
These 5 foods will get you ready for the fitness journey without compromising the taste. You can always order them from Foodmandu and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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