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Faces Of Foodmandu: Sudesh Maharjan

January 9, 2017
sudesh maharjan

Sudesh Maharjan is one of the oldest member at Foodmandu. He has been working as a delivery personnel for a whooping 5 years now. Recently, promoted to Delivery Driver Coordinator, Sudesh loves to travel and listen to music at his free time. He believes, he has improved a lot as a person as well as professionally by working at Foodmandu. He has met  thousands of people in course of his career. Learned to practically deal with customers and deliver the best customer service experience.

sudesh maharjan

Working as Delivery personnel is a difficult job. You cannot manage holidays when required, work in the scorching heat or prickling rain, carrying a bulky bag in heavy traffic, everything is a daunting experience. Regardless of this the jobs has it’s perk as well. For a jovial being as Sudesh is, the work provides him opportunity to meet new people. Not only that, he particularly believes his knowledge regarding the restaurants and food has transcended as well. He has approximately made around 43000 deliveries in his 5 years at Foodmandu. Imagine how many new faces he greets everyday, and leaves them smiling with every delivery made. 🙂


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