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Let’s talk ‘Love’

February 11, 2019

What expresses love better than Food?
Love is in the air and there is no escaping. Day of love is here and now you have more reasons to express your love and celebrate. Some write poems, some plan for a getaway, some buy chocolates and other jewels. But love is best expressed when expressed with food. You will find cafes and restaurants filled with lovers of all ages and gender while some get in the kitchen and cook for their loved ones. What is love, if not people sharing their dreams and hopes over their favorite food, engulfed in their own world relishing their favorite food?

We came across few couples and singles talking about love, food and more. Our first couples Ms. Bijeta and Mr. Rishav who have been in relationship for a 3 years now. Ms Bijeta says, “Love, for me, is friendship. It’s being each other’s best friends first. Celebrating love? You don’t need a specific day to make your partner feel special. Treat them with respect. Yes, giving flowers and gifts is cute but that doesn’t necessarily define love.” For any kind of celebration with her significant other he prefers to stay home and order in, “I prefer to order at home rather going to restaurants because you have got no prying eyes and Foodmandu always comes handy whenever we have to order from our favorite restaurants,” she adds.   Our next couples are happily married, Mr. Suresh and Mrs. Chandu. They believe love is strength. “A feeling you develop when your partner is around and the promise of being there for each other. We got married and that is the biggest thing to mark our love.” says Suresh. According to Mrs. Chandu, love for her is watching her husband cook for her. “There are always options to eat out or order-in but the taste will not have the ingredient called ‘love’. I know it sounds cheesy but trust me cooking stuffs for each other, putting small efforts for each other’s happiness is all to needed for a successful marriage.” “When you are in public, you don’t have the privacy and environment to sit comfortably and get lost in each other’s eyes.” Suresh adds with a blush.

That’s so sweet! Being with each other through thick and thin holds true for every sorts of relationship, whether you are couples, siblings, family, friends, you can feel love. For Ms. Suchitra, love is when all family members come and celebrate together. “Let me share a recent example. My grandparents have 5 children: 3 sons and 2 daughters. On my parents’ 21st anniversary, all 5 children, i.e. my uncles, aunts, fupu, fupajus and all the cousins were invited. See, we are a pretty big family. We hosted it but like in every family people got together in the kitchen helping around, sharing stories, and laughing. I cherish these moments. So this togetherness I feel, when I am with these huge bunch of people is love for me.”
Sujan believes that love makes a soul happy. To express love, he usually tries new recipes at home. Rather than taking his girl out for meal, he prefers whipping something interesting for his
ladylove at home to make it even more special.

Aditi, a vegetarian says, “Love is understanding the pain of others and being able to put yourself in their place and having the ability to develop empathy. Whether that is your best friend, lover, human or an animal, I think if you think of their happiness and consider them important, that is love.”
Well, that’s all so amazing and yes here at Foodmandu, we too celebrate love. Ms. Sidhhika Deoja, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst says love for her is the endless chitter-chatter and laughter over a coffee or lunch with the colleagues. “And the special foodie surprises I get on my table brought with love from colleagues haha!” she adds.

We did a small survey to find out whether couples find it better to order food in home or go to restaurants. Out of which, 60% claimed that they would prefer to order food in home and 40% said that they would rather go restaurants and enjoy the ambiance as well. One of our respondents Sparsh says, “We would go to new restaurants and try new recipes every time we went out on a date. While exploring new recipes, I would say, we explored each other’s love. Hence, I have got a very strong connection with food. If I want to eat something with her we
always go to restaurants.”
Different people have different opinions. If you fall in the 60% category, Foodmandu is here for
you to deliver foods to your doorstep from over 200 restaurants. And even for the 40% category,
we agree that it is nice to be out to restaurants and enjoy the ambiance with food. As for me? I
am a total introvert and clumsy. I would celebrate love with my family by ordering at our home
rather that going out in this chilly winter.
So foodies, what’s your opinion on it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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