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If crushes were food

October 16, 2019 (Last Updated: August 15, 2023)

To all the foodies who are crush pidit or love pidit, here is a list of food entirely dedicated to your feelings. Whether the one that you love is there for you or not, foods will always be there for you. Here are some food items that will remind you of the crushes you had. Hold on your tears or maybe get ready laugh out loud remembering the people you fell in love with:

Sugary Drinks

Have you ever been in a situation where you are madly in love with a person and can’t get over how much you try despite knowing that you will have an heartbreak? I know I spoke your heart out but let food speak it. Sugary drinks! These guilty pleasures won’t let you stay away from them. You can resist despite knowing that your health will not benefit much from it.


Every person has that one special person in life with whom you’ll have to spend rest of your life with. Your husband/wife. You love each other, you have conflicts, you don’t want to see each other for some time yet you come back to them knowing it is them that matters at the end. Dal-bhaat! No matter how much dramas you create at home, you yearn them when you are away. You day starts with it and ends with it.


Loyalty is a prominent factor in all relations to strengthen it. You get many better people wanting to come into your life yet all you know is you want to be with the one you are already with. Yes, I am talking about your Girlfriend/Boyfriend. Mo:Mo! You look menu for a significant time, look at each and every items in the menu and the one thing you order mandatorily is mo:mo.

International cuisines

Do you have someone about whom you don’t think much but once someone names it, you start missing them and get nostalgic? That one crush you fell instantly, been to a few dates but don’t meet very often yet you are so much attracted to them when you remember them. Kimbap is that dish for me! You could say some Italian, Mexican or any other exotic dishes that you crave for when someone asks for recommendations but don’t usually eat.


Ever had that person in your life with whom you shared all your problems and never hesitated to cry in front of? It all starts with a very light and jolly kind of friendship but as the bonding gets stronger and situation becomes intense, you know you have their back and they have yours. They will be there when you cry, when you laugh, when the situation is serious and every other time you need them. And you wish this person was your boyfriend/girlfriend. Popcorn! Every time you sit for a movie, it will be there handling all your emotions and you don’t care whether you look posh while crying and laughing and it is still there for you in the basket.

Relatable? Dealing with food is 100 times less complicated than dealing with crushes. I know we all agree to it. 😉 The best thing about food is you don’t have to go out for them and they don’t make you wait in this scorching sun. Crush the Crushes and get into the romantic journey with food. Just order them and they will come at your doorstep and be all yours 😉 Log in to Foodmandu app or website and place your order now. #DoTheFoodmandu

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