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Things you’ve definitely done if you’re Nepali Student

August 30, 2019

Having grown up and done studying in Nepal, we all have done some major common things, no matter what. Time to travel down the memory lane and refresh some long gone memories we had as students and we still do because we are students.

Chatpatey Party

Chatpatey – the word itself brings water to our mouth. Reemeber the time in school when we used to get noodles, murai, and other ingredients from home and make chatpatey during lunch hour in the class? Oh yes, we do. Because we’re Nepali Students.


Those days in school when we had study tours were the most awesome days. And the best part of the tour was tiffin break. Students brought different foods for tiffin and we shared among each other. What was your favorite food that friends brought? Mine was Kachori.

Canteen’s favorite food

Every student, whether school or Masters, has a favorite food in canteen. During high school, I loved canteen’s bread chop, during undergrad I loved canteen’s paneer mo:mo and now in post grad, I love Thukpa. Age is not a limit to be having a favorite food in canteen.

Distributing Chocolates

Damn! Those days in school when we would have birthday and distribute chocolate in entire class were awesome days. Cutting cakes back in home and inviting school friends would be the only thing we would be excited for. Long gone those days but the memories still give us nostalgia.

Favorite chocolate brand

We all have had favorite chocolate brand during school days. White Rabbit, Orange balls were some popular ones we enjoyed as a child. Now that I am a grown up adult I still have one. Gummy Bears from Candy Land because I am still a typical Nepali Student.

*Nostalgia smiles in the background* Life as a student is much fun and there’s nothing that can beat the memories we make as students. Still wanna make some grand memories? Try having a friends’ get-together at your place by making an online order of you favorite foods from your favorite restaurants from Foodmandu. This memory will be worth cherishing.

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