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Online Food Festival – Fast Food and Others

December 26, 2017

Food typically produced and prepared very quickly is fast food. For the busy schedules of our lives, fast food seems just right. The main purpose of people choosing fast food restaurants over dining restaurants is to eat a decent meal by not taking much time. “Online Food Festival” is associated with a number of restaurants that offer quick meals with amazing taste.

BigB Real Hamburger
Located at Lazimpat, Kathmandu on the way to Baluwatar, BigB serves amazing burgers here are made with brown oats bun, which makes the burger’s texture and taste different from other burgers available in Kathmandu. The meat used in all burgers are imported and prepared in olive oil.

Grill HamBurger:
Doodle Doo
(Brown oats bun toasted with olive oil,Marinated Fresh Chicken Breast,Spicy BBQ sauce,American Cheese,bacon,cabbage,radhicho, lettuce, tomato,onion,gerken and jalapeño)

(Brown oats bun toasted with olive oil,Marinated Fresh Chicken Breast,BigB piropiro sauce,montary jackcheese,bacon,cabbage,radhicho,lettuce,  tomato ,onion)

Grill Buff XL
( brown oats bun toasted with olive oil,BigB sauce,buff kimma patty, cheddar cheese,bacon,cabbage ,Radhicho,lettuce,tomato,onion)

Grill Bacon cheese
(Brown oats bun toasted with olive oil,bacon, cheddar cheese,BigB spicy sauce ,cabbage radhicho lettuce tomato onion)

Grill Feta (veggie)
(Brown oats bun toasted with olive oil,tofu,carrots,mushroom,tomato,onion,lettuce,beetroot,Feta cheese BigB sauce)

Grill piropiro whole leg/Wings
(Marinated whole chicken leg/wings with BigB piropiro sauce )

Buff/ Chicken piropiro sausage

Piropiro Chips
(Potato wedges with piropiro sauce)

Courgette fry-
(Marinated zucchini,mix flour,polenta)


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Recently opened “Mauri” has been creating a buzz in Kathmandu as a new and happening place for classic American eatery. The restaurant has several great pizza options but the Bianco- with its mushroom sauce garnished with basil, and baked in a stone oven, is highly recommended by the owners of the establishment. It is a unique vegetarian pizza treat. There are several other Wings options on the menu ranging in flavour from spicy to tangy. Nepali favourites like; Sukuti and Momo, appear on the menu as well. Food portion is precisely generous and the prices are decent.

Bianco  (White creamy mushroom base,herbs, mozzarella cheese glazed)
Meat Lover (Smoked chicken, Pepperoni, jalapeño & mozzarella)
Smoked Smokin Gun (Smoked chicken, corn, jalapeño & mozzarella)
Chicken Wing Tangy wings
Spicy glazed wings
Fish (Basa fish with potato wedges) Fish and chips
Lasagna (Lasagna sheet, meat sauce, bechamel sauce, minced meat , cheese and oven baked)
Lasagna veg
Roasted chicken (Baked chicken served with rice)


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The Workshop Eatery
A brilliant eatery located at Bakhundole, The Workshop Eatery is a fine place to devour on gourmet Burgers and Burritos. With open Kitchen, you can observe your food being prepared in hygienic manner. They serve hearty portions of burritos, burgers, wraps, fries and also provides selection of waffles and other desserts. Their burritos are a must try with their other dishes.



Cheeseburger +fries= free workshop’s  vanilla glazed donut

Bacon cheeseburger+fries= free workshop’s vanilla glazed or custard cream donut

Workshop bbq burger +fries= free workshop’s  vanilla glazed or custard cream donut-

Chicken classic+fries=free workshop’s vanilla glazed donut

Bbq chicken+fries= free workshop’s vanilla glazed or custard cream donut

Ranch blt +fries= free workshop’s vanilla glazed or custard cream donut

Chicken bacon wrap+fries=free workshop’s vanilla glazed or custard cream donut

Grilled chicken wrap+fries=free workshop’s vanilla glazed donut

Spicy veg delight+fries=free workshop’s vanilla glazed donut


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Kaffine is situated at Durbarmarg and it aims to provide quality coffee and food with great service Kaffeine serves professionally roasted organic specialty coffee which defines coffee for every personality. Along with specializing in coffee, Kaffine also offers a range of delightful meals to go along with it. All sandwiches and burgers will be offered with chips and salads on the side during this “Online Food Festival” season.


Classic mixed Veg patty Burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese and mayonnaise

Classic chicken patty Burger with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese and mayonnaise
Three layered club sandwich on white and brown bread with bacon ,cheese, egg ,chicken and mayonnaise

Potato wedges with western herbs and spices served with sweet chili sauce

Spaghetti Sea Food marinara topped with Cheese and fresh Basil.

Grilled Chicken Breast served with mashed Potato and Salad topped with creamy  mushroom sauce

Bacon and Egg Roll with tomato sauce and homemade potato hash brown

Sausage and egg roll with BBQ sauce and homemade potato hash brown


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Burger shack

As the name says, Burger Shack specializes with the best burgers in town. It has been admired by a lot of burger lovers and Burger Shack has become the ultimate burger destination in Kathmandu city. Burger Shack serves hundreds of customer in daily basis and it offers you to select arrays of extra fillings and selective items that you would just love your burger to be. It has two outlets currently in Thapathali, Kathmandu and Jawalakhel, Lalitpur.


Double Melt

BBQ Dream

Quarter Pounder


New Yorker

American Cheese Burger

Veggie Buster

Low Carbo

Chicken Salad


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French bakery
French bakery has been known for the best quality cakes in town. Located at Chhetrapati and Mhepi, the bakery is serving super soft cakes. Ranging from vanilla, coffee, orange to caramel, kiwi and cheese cakes, they have it all. Its creaminess and flavors makes it more appealing and tempting. The bkery also serves fusion and continental food. Pizza, Lasagna, Burger, Risotto and Wraps.


Staggering Sandwich

Choco Brownie

Ozzy Burger

Chocolate Truffle ( Pastry )

Apple Custard Tart

Vegan Muffin Per Piece

Choco Lava Per Piece

Cheese Cake Per Piece

Chicken confit

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