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Roll on with Rolls

June 29, 2019

The yummy fillings when gets rolled into a tortilla sheet, it is all set to rock our taste buds.  Given that, there is a wide range of variety to choose the fillings from, the taste can vary each time you try a new roll. So, even if you eat rolls frequently, the taste won’t feel monotonous because you can always choose what you want to stuffed with or what type you’d want to try. So here are some varieties of rolls you might want to order

1. Kathi Roll

This roll was originated in India. Kati Roll derived its name from stick shaped container which was used to prepare kababs for the Roll which is called Kati in Bengali. The kabas are later put into Paratha which is prepared separately and rolled on to give it the roll shape. It is available in various options for filing like chicken, egg, mix, veg, Paneer, etc.
Available at: Aila Lounge, Buingal Lounge and Bar, Freddo Café, Yellow Planet Food World and Magic Beans

2. Spring Roll

This roll was originated in China and were prepared during the first day of spring. Hence, it derived its name as Spring Roll. Unlike Kati Rolls, there is thin sheet to wrap the vegetable and noodles fillings. After filling the sheets with the core ingredients, they are fried to give a crispy look and taste.
Available at: Beijing Garden, Buingal Lounge and Bar, Dhokaima Café, Embers Restaurant, Mango Chilli Restaurant, Manny’s Eatry and Tapas Bar, Mirage Lords Inn, Numa’s Café, Pho99, Viet Ngon Saigon Pho, Yellow Planet Food World, Yellow Pomelo, Yin Yang Restaurant and Bar and Zen Bistro.

3. Cheese Roll

If you are bored with the mainstream roll types and are looking for something new and delicious, you should try Cheese rolls. Filled with goodness of Cheese and richness of creamy taste, cheese rolls are set to blow your mind away.
Available at: Café Kora, Café Swotha, European Bakery and Places Restaurant and Bar.

4. Sausage Roll

Not a Cheese fan? Craving for some pure non-veg variety. Well, you have sausage roll to your escape. You can satisfy your sausage cravings with it; getting sausage filled inside a roll. Sounds delicious? You should definitely try it from some amazing restaurants to find how this roll makes your tongue roll with its yummy taste.
Available at: European Bakery, Farmer’s market, Hermann Helmers and Vienna Bakery

5. Summer roll

In the midst of a hot summer, you definitely crave for something healthy and of course, not warm. Summer rolls are perfect! Wrapped in thin rice sheets, these rolls are rich with vegetables which are stuffed inside the sheets and rolled on to give the perfect finish.
Available at: Pho99, Viet Ngon Saigno Pho, Yin Yang Restaurant and Bar.

Keep rolling on with rolls and rocking the lazy summer days with Foodmandu!

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