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10 things you’ll hear if you are a vegetarian

March 18, 2019 (Last Updated: March 22, 2019)

It’s definitely greener this side!

Being vegetarian is not easy. Not because you don’t get enough options to eat from but because you will have to walk around giving justifications or explaining the dietary decisions of your life to all. From friends in college to aunties in parties, all are interested in your eating preference and worried about you suffering from malnutrition. So basically, except you, most of the people whom you encounter are the nutrition experts of your life. And then there are people with whom you will have to endure stats from researches done to prove why you should be a non-vegetarian. And that bestows your life with an ample number of arguments and explanations. You keep on proving that being vegetarian is not a crime. Well, here are some most common comments you will hear from non-vegetarians if you are a vegetarian.

  1. Are you a vegetarian since birth? Have you not even tasted meat products once? Like not even by mistake? How is that possible?

  2. How difficult it must be for you to adjust among non-vegetarians? What will happen to you if you get married in a non-vegetarian family? You have missed so much taste in your life. That’s sad.

  3.  Oh, I get why you are so thin. Where do you get protein from? You will have to eat meat for the protein that your body needs. You are depriving your body of essential nutrients.

  4. Vegetarians eat my food’s food. How funny is that! See you people are eating the plants that give oxygen at least we are eating animals that give away carbon dioxide. You, vegetarians, are the reason why global warming is taking place.

  5.  Your sons are vegetarian? That’s fine but why have you made your daughters vegetarian? Who knows their fate! What if they end up in the non-vegetarian family?

  6.  Tell us if you want to eat non-veg. We won’t tell your parents.

  7. Fish and eggs are considered vegetarians. You can eat that.

  8.  I will give you a thousand rupee note if you eat non-vegetarian right now.

  9.   If you go abroad, I bet you will become non-vegetarian.

  10. Do you drool when you see grass and leafs life we do when we see the chicken?


So, vegetarians, I am sure you could relate to each and every aforementioned comment. Just to let you know, March is celebrated as World Vegetarian Month. And therefore let’s take a time to appreciate all vegetarians out there. And if you think vegetarians have fewer options to choose food from, visit OR2K, Sarangi, Little Italy Ristorante Sajan Goth, Rameshwaram, Aagan and Places restaurant and Bar. You will have ample options to choose from.  You can always order through Foodmandu and get it delivered to your doorstep. So let’s celebrate this month of vegetarian with many vegetarian tales of flavors.

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