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April 12, 2019 (Last Updated: May 16, 2019)

As we enter a brand New Year, the celebration time begins. It is believed that how you spend New Year’s Day is how the rest of the year will be. So, we do all our favorite things; we spend much time with people we love, eating food we love and doing whatever we like doing the most. For some it might be a quick getaway and for some, quiet dinner with loved ones, and of course there are the party animals. Some might just spend the whole day in bed nursing their hangover but at the end, the point is we do what we like the most. Here, I have come up with 10 things we like to do to celebrate New Year.

1. Family Get-together:

How much are you excited about kiths and kins piling up in your house during New Year? Oh, wait! Let me put it another way. How excited are you about having to work in the kitchen along with your mom and dad to get meals ready and serve the guests? If cooking is your hobby, you must be looking forward to it. But definitely, meeting cousins and eating together keeps the love in the family strong.

2. Picnic:

I would put picnic into family get-together but the difference I am pointing here is the fact, you don’t have to be at someone’s homes and if you are the host, you don’t have to worry about cleaning rooms or your momma panicking from very morning and lamenting about how you never keep your rooms tidy. Well, New Year is a perfect occasion for most of us to go picnic and enjoy the start of the year.

3. Cousins/Friends day outing:

Unlike Family get-together and picnic where you have relatives of all age, in this outing, you usually have people of your own age and with whom you share strong bonding. Fill up your tanks, put on your favorite mix on full volume and go for a musical drive or a bike ride together sounds thrilling (ride safely though!). Umm hmm, or gather at your favorite hangout spot and let the chilling session begin.

4. Night out:

How many of us have plans ready for Sukute Beach or Nagarkot or Markhu or wherever? Beginning New Year with an adventure and fun filled night stay with friends with a lot of eating and chit-chatting is what many Nepalis plan for New Year.

5. Lovey-dovey time:

To all couples out there, going out with that special loved one and spending quality time with them is all you need. Thinking of excuses to be with them is definitely a thrilling act mingled-Nepalis execute. And New year far from that special loved one doesn’t even feel like a good New year. Tell me if I am wrong. 😉

6. Resolutions:

Spoiler Alert! Given that, we love celebrations so much, both A.D New Year and B.S. New Year is a celebration marked with huge hype. Or may I be specific and say marked with Resolutions? Haha. True indeed. We are so excited about our new year resolutions no matter we hold on to it for long or not. “Will start eating healthy from tomorrow.” “Will stop drinking from this New Year.” “Will hit Gym for sure.” Well! I am not sure how many of us can hold to these resolutions, but these make us eat and drink a lot in New Year’s eve saying “This will be my last time eating unhealthy or drinking. So, let me do it to the fullest”.

7. Let me just sleep:

Here, we have another squad of “Whatever it is, I don’t care” people. All we plan is to ‘utilize the holiday’ sleeping at own place and avoiding the chaos of socializing. Ordering food, holding to the favorite corner and sleeping the day out. Is anyone feeling “This is so meeee” moment?

8. Game of Thrones:

New Year is April 14th! You know where I am taking! Exactly! Here we have this category of people who are desperately waiting for the season 8 of Game of Thrones to get released on this date. So they would rather spend the entire day watching Game of Thrones episodes, after episodes unless the new one is aired on HBO. Well, don’t forget to order from your favorite restaurant to binge in front of the TV. 😉

9. Camps:

This is for people who love going to camps and yes for scouts. Scouts must already have their camps scheduled. New Year camps, friendship camps, adventure camps or any name you come up with, it is all you are excited about. Campfire and cooking! Euphoria? Or nostalgia?

10. Exams:

Raise your hands if you have your exams scheduled around New Year. I can feel it. Having exams in the first week of New Year, or having exams the very next day of New Year leaves us lamenting during the New Year. Not that it is a favorite hobby but a compulsion, you see. And the tension of board exams routine getting published anytime is also serious trouble this new year. So we feel all those people. Hanging out with course books and slides and assignments instead of family and friends during New Year is another way how some celebrate.

Did your celebration strategy get covered in 10 points above? If not, do share with us your way of celebrating the New Year. And if you are worried about having to cook and staying home a whole day or anything, worry not. Foodmandu is here to deliver your favorite food from your favorite restaurants at your doorstep. You enjoy your new year; we will satisfy your hunger. All you need to do is think, tap and eat.

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