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Waffle with Waffles: International Waffles day

March 25, 2019

Who doesn’t love waffles? And here we have the perfect reason to relish them, International Waffles day!! Haven’t heard of it earlier? Well, it’s a beautiful story. Since it is cooked between two irons, it gets the honeycomb like appearance and thus the word waffles originated from the word Wafla which means honeybee hive. Well, Waffles day actually originated in Sweden and it marked the arrival of spring, like Holi here. However instead of colors, people enjoy the arrival of spring by eating waffles and this festival spread throughout the world in no time. Now that Holi celebrations are over, why don’t we jump into the bandwagon and celebrate Waffles day? Here are some awesome waffles from The Belgian Waffles that you got to try this 25th March.

Chocolate Overload

Chocolate is love at first bite to many of us. The rich and delicious chocolate flavor is all time favorite of all. No matter how old you might grow, when it comes to Chocolate, we all are still a child. Hence, this 25th March, start your day with ooze of chocolaty Goodness and get your Chocolate Overload Waffle all the way from Belgian Waffles.

Red Velvet

Red is the color of love and red velvet could be your flavor of love. So why don’t you add some beautiful tales to your taste buds and make a colorful start of spring? This yummy Red velvet from Belgian Waffles is another option to mark this International Waffles Day.

Coffee Wafee

Are you a coffee freak? Well, then Coffee waffee must be the perfect match for your tongue. This combination of Coffee and wafer could be your go-to-waffle option for this International Waffles Day.

Pizza Waffle

You read it absolutely right! It’s Pizza Waffle. This yummy, savory Waff-wich is all set to make the right start of your spring.  This sounds cheesy but not as cheesier as this pizza waffle tastes. So Pizza lovers, here you go, grab your favorite waffle option.

Naked Nutella

Did you know that the jars of Nutella sold in a year could cover The Great Wall of China 8 times? That is how much humans love Nutella. With given that, it would be unfair to all Nutella lovers if this option isn’t brought to the  limelight. So, order your Naked Nutella topped with Banana from The Belgian Waffles and add another jar to the Great Wall of China hypothesis.

So Foodies, now you know what to choose for snacks on the International Waffles day 2019. You can go visit The Belgian Waffles located in Durbarmarg and Jhamsikhel or order your favorite from Foodmandu like always and get it delivered to your doorstep. Make sure you click a snapshot and share to your instagram stories by mentioning Foodmandu and get your story featured in Foodmandu’s IG story. Enjoy Waffling with Waffles!

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