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Nanglo Express Food Haute by Foodmandu

January 12, 2016 (Last Updated: January 25, 2016)

When everyone was busy making plans for Christmas and New Year 2016, we at Foodmandu, were busy scheduling Nanglo Express Food Haute by Foodmandu. A six days full fledged food event for corporate houses where eating was not just as easy. The event took place at Kupondole outlet of Nanglo Express, everyday from 25 December, 2015 to 31 December, 2015. It saw participation from 15 different corporate houses. Everyday 3 teams competed in daily food challenge with a twist to win a spot at food finals.The daily winners reserve their spots at Finale and also win Rs1500 worth of free food delivery from any member restaurants from foodmandu, 15% extra if ordered from Nanglo Express. Endearing daily challenge and five pair of awesome foodies, Himalayan Brewery became the ultimate FOOD HAUTE KING. They win free food delivery of Rs. 3000 from member restaurants of Foodmandu and extra 20% (Rs. 3600) if ordered from Nanglo Express.

Eating a bowl of Thukpa is easy, what if you have to feed it simultaneously to each other in a given time limit, would you do it? It’s hard when strings of thukpa are sliding through your spoon while feeding it to your partner. Dripping, drooling and slurping.

event day 1

An easy meal for the busy people, but it ain’t easy with Foodmandu. The contestant have to score a tennis ball inside a basket by consecutively bouncing the ball and hitting it to the clipboard. After all you need to earn that bite of deliciousness.

day 2

How many pieces of mo:mo can you devour? 20-30? How about when your leg and hand are tied together with your partner in crime?That is exactly how our pair of contestant ate 52 pieces of mo:mo per person that were equally divided at certain distance, traveling and consuming only one piece each at a time until they reach an end.

day 3

Two burgers separated at certain distance, a balloon between the partners which you can not drop. If you can only grab one bite each while traveling. How fast do you think you can finish the burger?

Day 4

An Italian dish with the American Twist, have you played Spoon Frog? For beginners you have to jump the spoon into the glass with the help of another spoon. This is what our contestant had to endure to eat Pasta Today. Oh, and they had to eat it with a chopstick by the way!

day 5

Grand Finale tested the appetite of our participants. The participants only had to compete in a food relay comprising of 3 course meal. First, the main course, Nanglo’s signature dish sizzlers, second, 6 pieces of buffalo wings dipped in hot sauce and finally a plateful of terribly hot piro alu. Eat, Run and Tag. Simple, isn’t it?

day 6


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  • Suvash Budhathoki
    January 27, 2016 at 4:59 PM

    If I knew earlier, would have joined…

    • Suja Manandhar
      January 29, 2016 at 7:46 AM

      It was for corporate houses only.