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Day 3: Mo: Mo Day ( 28 December, 2015)

January 11, 2016 (Last Updated: February 21, 2016)
day 3 winner

Day 3, the mo:mo day. Every one in Nepal just loves mo:mo. It can literally be taken as a national delicacy. But how many mo:mos’ can you actually gobble up in a given time? 10 pieces or 20 may be? Our participants for mo:mo day challenge had 52 pieces of mo:mo per person to finish in limited time of 10 minutes or less. What is more interesting is the way they earned those little bombs. 52 pieces of mo:mo laid there in table that were placed in two opposite sides of event venue. The participating duo needed to travel from one side to other just to grab a piece of mo:mo each. And, there’s more. We just tied together hands and legs of the participating pair to make traveling from one side to other further interesting. After all, eating with Foodmandu is not always easy.

Participating teams for that day were two teams from Trishakti Distilleries, and Team Shikhar Insurance. Bijaya Maharjan and Nabin Dhungel from Trishakti Distillery endured the Mo: MO day challenge fastest and became the food Kings of the day.

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