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Summer Delights

May 17, 2019

Summer, along with its happy sunny days brings along loss of appetite for most of us foodies. Even the fear of getting various infections due to stale or contaminated food might make us think before putting anything in our mouth. But no need to fret, Foodmandu brings you some sweet and savory summer dishes that are cool, tasty, healthy, and fresh. Here are some light dishes that might make you feel refreshed and let you enjoy summer to the fullest:

1. Fruit Salad

Salad can never go out of season. It can be enjoyed as starter or as meal depending on the contain and dressing. Tell me if I am wrong about it. If you want to feel light and healthy this summer, you should definitely try Fruit Salad from Achar Ghar and give your body a sweet relief from all summer stress.

2. Beetroot and cheese salad

Beetroot is known for its rich nutrients including fiber and Vitamin C. If you are a low blood pressure patient beetroot can be the best cure for you or if you are an athlete beetroot provides you improve your performance. Well I have given you enough reason to try this salad from Ageno.

3. Aalu ko achaar

Are you even a Nepali if you don’t like aalu ko achaar? Well, that is rare. Who doesn’t like to relish the tangy hot mixture of everything good? So here you go foodies, here is Aalu ko achaar from Bhumi Restaurant and Bar if you are craving for some spicy getaway to beat the summer boredom.

4. Laphing

How did laphing come into this category? Well, you don’t need a season for a plate or two of laphing. Here is Lhayul Laphing with different varieties of laphing to rock your summer. From bacon to buff, from chow-chow to chips, you can get more varieties than you could imagine. So, don’t let your craving go unfulfilled this summer.

5. Pickled Cabbage Vermicelli Soup

Some spicier hydrating vegan stuffs you are looking for? Well, here you go! Pickled cabbage vermicelli soup is a mix of sweet and sour flavor that teases your taste buds. This Armenian dish from Botonggang Restaurant and Bar is something you should try if you are looking for exotic flavor which are healthy as well as tasty.

Even if summer is getting you all lazy and bored, do not let that disrupt your relationship with food. You can still enjoy anything you want even if you are too lazy to go out or cook, open your phone and just order anything you would want from widest range of restaurants and get it delivered at your doorstep. Happy Eating!

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