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We know your Favorite Restaurants

May 31, 2019

Having to decide from the long list of your favourite restaurants might be quite confusing. Also, going out to far located restaurants for lunch or dinner is not always practical. Hence, here are some of your favorite restaurants now listed on Foodmandu. Open the app and place your order now.


Location:        Bhat-bhateni
Cuisines:         Multi cuisine -steaming momos, pizzas, sizzling platters, thick burgers, thin                                             sandwiches, fresh salads,  steaming drinks and more.
Must try:        Bhuteko Momo Cha

Being a pioneer to introduce fast food in Kathmandu, Bakery café has its name in quality food, accessibility and efficient service. In addition to that it has contributed to social cause by accepting and employing hearing impaired people.


Location:      Bhakundol
Cuisines:      Multi cuisine- Mo:mo, chillies, rolls, quesadilla, burritos , kwanti, dal-bhat and many more
Must try:      Dalle Wings (chicken wings in irresistible dalle sauce. Hot but deciduous)

The place which has its name popular among music and food enthusiasts is available at your doorstep. Don’t have time to go for lunch outside, just place an order through Foodmandu and enjoy the dish at your place.


Location:      Bishalnagar
Cuisines:       Italian- pizza, salads, Rissotto, Tacos and many more
Must Try:      Barilla Pasta

The well renowned Italian dish Barilla Pasta is available only in Little Bites. In addition, they offer a wide variety of vegetarian options in addition to yummy desserts. If you are a fan of Italian Cuisine or a vegetarian wanting to eat from some good Italian Restaurants, here you go! You have Little Bites.


Location:      Kamaladi
Cuisines:      Indian veg- sweets, snacks, dry fruits, Coffee
Must try:      Tamarind Rice

This Indian veg restaurant is offers 80 varieties of sweets, 20 snacks, dry fruits and Italian Coffee. If you are a vegetarian foodie, this could be the best news you would hear today. You have got one more pure vegetarian restaurant added to the list where you can order from.


Location:      Dhumbarahi
Cuisines:      Multi cuisines- Rolls, burger, thukpa, Choupsey, biryani, sizzler, mo:mo and many more
Must try:      Ostrich Mo:Mo

Serving for more than 3 decades, A-one café offers multi cuisine options so that you can enjoy various tastes at one single place. Having affordable menu, A-one café could be a wonderful option to order from on a lazy day. So, whether you are tangled in meetings whole day or the work pressure ruined your mood to cook, tap and order from this restaurant

Sun Café and Bar:

Location:     Jhamsikhel
Cuisines:      Indian and Newari- Saandwiches, Pizza, wraps, samayi baji, Tandoori and many more
Must try:      Samay Baji

They have simple yet well selected delicious food with refreshing bar menu. If you are a huge fan of newari food, you don’t have to nag your newar friend anymore. You can get it delivered to your doorstep with just a tap in foodmandu app.

Just think, Tap and eat.

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