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Five dishes because “Winter is Coming”

November 23, 2018

Winter is coming; we know what’s coming with it.

Game of Thrones fans might be holding this line for April 2019 but for food fans in Kathmandu, this line cannot be more relatable than now. And I am not referring to white walkers, because what’s coming with it is increased appetite and some cold viruses. But alongside, winter is the perfect time for holding a corner of your bed, covering yourself with a blanket and hibernating (lol) with some favorite series. Why not revisit the Game of Thrones or any series without getting caught by cold and without compromising on your appetite. Well, here are some amazing foods you should enjoy with your favorite series this winter.

  1. Jhol Momo

     You are a Nepali and don’t like momo? Don’t kid me! Momos are as many people’s favorite as Khaleesi is. And if you fall in that category, here Foodmandu has got some awesome restaurants offering jhol momo in its delivery network. Bota simply Mo:Mo as the name suggests, is popular for Mo:Mo of all kinds. And Jhol momo is one of the awesome ones. And if you are veg, you can order from Bota at Kumaripati. Similarly, Sinka is another well established name for Mo:Mo.  And Le Trio is another option for Jhol Mo:Mo. You should certainly not miss Jhol Mo:MO from these restaurants if you are a Mo:Mo fan.
  2. Thukpa

    If you ask me something that is healthy, tasty and fills hungry tummy, I would definitely say Thukpa. Hot Thukpa in this chilly weather could be the best alternative if you are looking for all three categories I mentioned above. Alina’s café, Bajeko sekuwa and Bricks café are amazing places to order this healthy diet from. And guess what? Bricks café offers 25% discount on its entire menu on Tuesdays.
  3. Dalle Bowl
    Dalle might remind you of momo. But there is a lot more than momo that Dalle offers. Dalle bowl could be another option for those who are fed up with other varieties to warm winter up. It’s filled with the warmth of curry and rice or noodles, depending on what you want.
  4. Udon

    How big fan are you of Japanese Food? If not food, how much did you love Ninja Hattori from your childhood days? Remember Sonam preparing Udon Noodles for Hattori and family? Well, you can relive your Hattori moment now with hot noodle soup. Sapporo Japanese restaurant and Koto Bar offer amazing Udon. North is a myth but ‘Tastebud remembers is real.
  5. Korean Stew and Soup

    Whether you love k-dramas or not, you certainly are going to love this Korean menu. Kimchee Restaurant and Bar offers a wide range of stew and soup, all complemented with seasonal side dishes and rice. If you’ve caught a cold and are craving for some warm hot soup, Ddukbaegi Bulgogi and Doen Jang JJigae could be something you would want to get. The first dish comes from the traditional cooking method of grilling marinated meat on fire. The latter one is made by dissolving soybean paste in water and boiling in ingredients such as tofu, potatoes, pumpkin etc.

If nothing works, two shots of rum from Foodmandu Beverages or Green Line Centre will help ( 😛 )

Cersei once said, the more you love people, the weaker you will be. But the case of Food is entirely different. The more you love it, the stronger you will be. Too cold to get out? Worry not. Foodmandu brings your order to your doorsteps so that you don’t have to get out of your warm place in chilly winter weather. All you have to do is think, tap and eat.

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