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Foodmandu’s 8th Birthday: Going down the memory lane

November 13, 2018

What better way to mark a celebration of growing older than reminiscing all the benchmarks achieved, footprints left and challenges overturned and travel down the memory lane? Foodmandu has completed 8 years and these 8 years have been no less than a roller coaster ride. Fun, Thrill, Happiness and Excitement.

With life of people getting busier and hectic and no free time to break for lunch, Foodmandu came out as a solution to this problem. This food delivery service lured not only busy employees but foodies all over the city who wanted to enjoy their favourite dishes without having to go out of their homes. With the support of huge customer and vendors and effort from employees, here we stand today as a pioneer in the food delivery service industry, marking 8 years of service.

It all started on November 11, 2010, when Foodmandu officially inaugurated and started its service. We look back now and proudly boast that this startup, ever since its establishment has served many satisfied customers by bringing to their doorstep dishes from 250+vendors. Foodmandu is ready to serve its customers from 11:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Whether that is typical Nepali cuisine or Italian pizza, your favourite vegetarian dish or yummy chicken grills, Foodmandu brings every kind of dishes in its original state. Whatever your mood is or how difficult the situation might be, Foodmandu has always been there with its customers. Even when the nation was hit by the biggest earthquake of the century and entering the kitchen was out of possibility or faced the turmoil of blockade and cooking in was not that easy, we have been there delivering foods to your doorstep.

Every year, Foodmandu strives to achieve new milestones by adding something new to benefit customers. This year we have expanded our delivery services to Pepsicola, Jadibuti.  Foodmandu also added PoS Machines to its service this year making the whole transaction procedure hassle-free. Along with food, we have brought beverages to our list as well from this year. You can choose from a wide range of liquors and a wide range of flavours of Keventers Milkshake.

Not a single celebration is complete without the huge network we have formed in these years. Thus,  Foodmandu has been organizing events for customers to participate and celebrate with Foodmandu. The Nanglo Express Food Haute by Foodmandu in 2015 and Online food festival in 2017 to name some major ones which shall be followed by another huge event this year to celebrate our anniversary.

Guess how many of your favourite dishes we have delivered? Momos almost enough for 70,000 people, pizzas enough for 53,000+ people, burgers for 1,8000+ people, biryani for 9000+ people, rolls for 8000 people and many other varieties which will form a huge list if I jot down all. This is what makes us grateful to all our customers for their love, trust and blessings bestowed upon us.

Celebrations got tastier this year too as Foodmandu presented a flat 8% off on any orders from the restaurants that are listed in Foodmandu on its birthday, i.e. 11th November 2018. Furthermore, 8 lucky winners will be receiving  8 months of free food from Foodmandu if they ordered between 11th Nov- 30th Nov 2018. Didn’t order?  Well, you still have a chance to 😉  This was just a spark. Whole flame it yet to lighten because this anniversary celebration is not yet over. It will bring not only foodstuffs but huge bonanza to your doorstep.  So foodies, worry not! Buckle on your seat belts to continue your journey with us and keep calm until this surprise is disclosed. Let’s achieve many more milestones together.

For now, just Think, Tap and Eat.

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