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Five Foods to order on a date

January 4, 2019

Going on a date could be pretty stressful and filled with nervousness. From the first kiss to food spills, you’ve got a lot of stuffs to worry about. No matter how hard you try, you will be more conscious yet that nervousness will create some mess. And if you are already a messy eater like me, your chance of getting nervous and increasing the mess will increase by another 80%. So here are some foods hacks that will make the day less chaotic and might turn your first date into a life time love story. So, impress your crush with these foods on the very first date:


Pastries could be the one of the pretty things you would want to order on a first date. They are all so romantically decorated, taste sweet and you could eat them elegantly without spilling, or worrying about how you would look eating those. You will require much less effort to chew or cut a slice out of it. And you don’t have to worry about bad breath which could occur as a result of heavy meals. Pastries are the most elegant and classy dishes you could order on your first date.


This Italian dish could be an option if you are looking for something more than just dessert. Bite size pasta gets easily gripped in a fork and avoids stains. Noodles and long-length pasta should obviously be a no-no dish but if you have bite-size pasta, why not? You should focus more on saying “How you doin’?” in Joey’s Italian accent rather than struggling with the Italian food. So make sure your order is a bite-sized dish.


You should try to stay away from red meat when it comes to dates as they could make your tummy bloat and breathe stink. If you are a hardcore non-vegetarian and would not want to settle with vegetarian dishes, then chicken would be the best alternative. Almost every restaurant has chicken on the menu. And to make it more effortless, go with bite-sized chicken dish in the menu like nuggets.

Ice cream/ cappuccino

Oh yes!!! Ice-cream and cappuccino are well-known for setting romantic mood. Ice-cream would be the best after-dish for that. Despite being known for its romantic nature, it could ruin the mood if you hurry and spill it. Patience people! If you aren’t ice-cream type, cappuccino might be the alternative. When life gives winter, you get a cappuccino and scare the winter away while still getting lovey-dovey. These creamy varieties could be cupid to your love life and grant your luck later in the date 😉 .

French fries

I am sorry if you are trying to avoid potatoes. You don’t want to give overly health-conscious impression to your date on the very first meet, do you? And neither do you want to give a ruthless meat-eater impression. So, French fries are amazing snacks to start the date and avoid the stains. You could easily slice them into two if you are not a pro in handling it. Hence, if you want to stick to vegetarian menu, which I suggest you should for aforementioned reasons, French fries are the savior.

So, how you doin’, foodies? These 5 foods will certainly make your date-stress a lot lighter. If you fall in the “I am now my own big crush ;)” people who would love being single rather than dealing with date hassles, you can order your favorite dishes through Foodmandu and enjoy “Self-date” without worrying about what to order. But if you are looking for some love-luck and going on a date with your crush, enjoy your time with these easy and chaos-free dishes so you can focus more on romantic talks rather than worrying about what to order and how to avoid spilling and mess. Let us know about your dating experience with these foods in the comments below. Happy Dating!

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