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Sweet-toothing Mangsir

December 10, 2018 (Last Updated: December 11, 2018)

Hey Foodies! So how is preparation for the marriage and receptions all piled up this month-end? While you are desperately waiting for 26th or 29th, why don’t you get some sweet tooth dishes and ‘Kuch Mitha hojaaye’? Well, celebration without sweet is a celebration wasted so here you have varieties to celebrate this wedding season with your fambam.
Oh wait, it is you who is the groom and your buddies want treat from you? Well, here is the list of sweet desserts your squad is going to love.
No wedding celebrations in the line? Still you can enjoy these yummy dishes in your favorite corner of the house. So here we go.
1. Waffles:


“Waffle Waffle on the door. Who’s waffling for some more?” Woo! That got me rhythmic. And when you have 15 different flavors to pick from, who would not want more? And adding up to that you could even get your own customized waffle. I can hear your heart saying, “order one right now!”. Yes, you have these amazing waffles from Belgian Waffles to set this wedding season on fire. Foodmandu is waving you hi! So, why not?
2. Doughnuts:

I know you are saying, “Who eats doughnuts for treats?” to yourself. But I do. And you will love this idea if you order it from The Workshop eatery. Salted caramel and Banana Doughnuts will make you slightly change that question and ask that again, “Who is up for eating doughnuts for my treat?” These yummy doughnuts will make you fall in love with its delicious taste and texture. Thank me later. 😉
3. Mousseline Cake :

Cakes have become a part of every celebration. Whether it is a birthday, welcome, farewell, anniversary or of course a wedding. And if you are attending a bachelors party (or bachelorette), don’t miss surprising your friend with this amazing Moussline cake from Crave Bakery. Not only taste buds, even relationships demand sweetness.
4. Choco Volcano Cake:

Well, another option in cake menu. How would you like if you had a volcano of chocolate coming out of Earth. No?? Okay, what if the volcano is completely safe. Fair deal it is. But Earth doesn’t have chocolate mines. Well, nothing to be disheartened. Pizza Hut does. And if not from Earth, you certainly can have a Choco Volcano cake on your plates. You can always look as hot as jwalamukhi and your food can be a jwalamukhi as well but of chocolates.
5. Choco truffle:

All roads lead to Rome might soon change into all choices lead to Chocolate. LOL. Taking too much holidays from your work and worried about your boss being upset? Here’s a hack. Maybe you could surprise your colleagues with Choco Truffle from French Bakery during lunch break by ordering it in office. And 50% of your headache will go away. This choco truffle could be your savior when you are in huge workload and want to lighten up the office mood.
6. Yomari:

With Yomari Punhi approaching nearer, Yomari could be a perfect sweet tooth dish to celebrate this season is the most affordable and tastier way. That too, in your own home. The Village café serves this yummy newari dish at a very affordable price. So, don’t message your Newar Friend for yomari this Punhi, instead tap Foodmandu and order it from The Village Café.
If you are busy with shopping and wedding preparations, all you have to do is login to Foodmandu and place your orders. So don’t miss these magical dishes to add sweetness to your celebration. Keep enjoying sweet dishes and sweet relationships this wedding season!

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