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Healthier post-wedding season with these 5 foods

December 22, 2018

How does it feel like to bid “see you next time” to the wedding season? The gorgeous lehenga and high heels are now inside the closet. The dance grooves and thumkas are in the videos. And the oily food? Aghh they are still causing problems to the tummy. So, the time to pamper your tummy with light, healthy foods is back. That certainly doesn’t mean that you should stick with some boring meals. You and your tummy can be happy and healthy at the same time with these yummies.

  1. Fruits and nuts mixed green salad:

    Fruits and nuts are the best, whether that is a chocolate or a salad. Three kinds of yummy seasonal fruits with roasted nuts and mixed greens which is complimented with sweet chilly sesame oil dressing is something you couldn’t stop craving for. So, order this yummy salad from Avocado café to make a healthy start. How can salads be this delicious? Taste it and let me know if you know .
  2. Caesar Salad:

    Interesting fact here!! This salad was originated from Mexico and the name is derived from the one who made this salad i.e. Caesar Cardini. When you have such interesting history, you can imagine how interesting the food could be. And another fact is that, this is from our newly added restaurant Orange juice and bar. The major ingredients here are chicken breast, lettuce, cheese, lemon, olives and caesar dressing. So, who is up for this healthy delight?
  3. Chicken Waldrof Salad

    For hardcore non-vegetarians who are about to exit the page with the salad listing, please wait! Here you have your Chicken Waldrof Salad from green leaves café. Get your tongues drooling with this combination of fresh fruits, dry fruits, yoghurt and chicken bites? Why compromise with some boring healthy diet when you can have chicken for salad?
  4. Veggie Wrap:

     Back to veggies. Want something lighter than helium? Let’s be realistic, lighter than Sandwich. Veggie Wrap is here to the rescue. Since this wrap has “Aata” instead of “maida” which is used in sandwich, I personally prefer veggie wrap over sandwich. And Redmud is the first on my list when it comes to wraps. So, give your tummy a break with veggie wrap and feel the healthiness aura surrounding you.
  5. Sweet Corn Salad:
    While I have mentioned varieties of healthy diets, corn should not be out of the frame. Sweet corn having ample vitamin B12 is widely known for its health benefits like reducing risk of amenia. And if you are pregnant this salad could be the healthiest dish to fulfill your healthy diet craving. So get your sweet corn salad from Mango Chilli Café and make post-weddings even sweeter.

These 5 light foods will certainly help you reduce your heavy stomach while you step out of wedding season. You do not want to go out because your stomach is grumpy these days? Foodmandu is all ready to drop your lightweight dishes to your doorstep so you can enjoy your post-party pampering and treat your tummy right. Hurry up and log in to Foodmandu app or follow the linked cafes above and place your order. Let’s make this post-wedding season healthier.

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