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Online Food Festival 2019 is here!!

January 10, 2019 (Last Updated: January 15, 2019)

Has your New Year’s resolution been about relishing good food, saving money, celebrating with dear ones, or embarking on some gastronomical adventures? Foodmandu has decided to grant all your wishes. We believe that the year should start with a bang so that the entire year becomes a huge celebration. Thus, we present you the Mega Food Festival for the year “Ruslan Ultra Premium Vodka Online Food Festival 2019” in association with Daraz, powered by Somersby and supported by Grand Master. It starts from 15th Jan on a full-fledged mode in your Foodmandu app. You certainly can order through website and phones as well.

Here are amazing deals you can enjoy at the Food Festival

  1. Flash Deals- Up to 50%

    Flash deals, like the name, flashes and disappears like the lightning. You need to catch it when it occurs. Unlike the unpredictable stormy lightning, Flash deals will take place twice a day for 1 hour at 1:00 – 2:00 pm and 7:00 – 8:00 pm. Orders at these exact time and enjoy huge waiver and deals. So, get ready to grab the offers at orders at these two golden hours of the day.

  2. Re 1 offers

    Throughout the Online Food Festival, there is a list of yummy foods that you can enjoy for just Re.1. No, it is not a typo. It is Re. 1 indeed, which comes with a free Somersby. You need to reach your minimum order mark to be eligible for this offer. So, reach minimum order and then order some special varieties from the Re.1 list.

  3. Mystery Bag

    Who doesn’t love mysteries? From Game of Thrones to Twisted, fans always love surprises. While you love watching mysteries, you will certainly love getting Mystery Bag filled with food that will be a tasty surprise. Yeah, you certainly can select vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and restaurants but the food inside the bags will be a secret. Worry not! The food will be greater than the value you pay and also you will receive 180ml grand master free with each mystery bags order. So, order the Mystery Bag for a surprise!!!

  4. Appclusive offers

    As mentioned earlier, festivity is on ‘fleek’ in Foodmandu app. With so many offers to choose from, you get one more reason to love your phone! Get 20% Cashback while ordering through the app and paying through Khalti (app). This is us, finally introducing the online payment system for your convenience. Enjoy without the hassle of cash payment and changes by paying online through Khalti while getting 20% cashback. Khalti in your khalti will make your day lucky!

  5. Foodstalls

    The best thing about the food stalls is that you get to try different cuisines in one place, from our regular Nepali to the exotic foreign dishes at one stop. With more than 30 restaurants to choose from, we guarantee that you won’t even get tired after scrolling around. Enjoy the restaurant’s exclusive delicacies just for the festival, while relishing heavy discounts on the regular ones.

  6. Treasure box

    Candy Crush could be your favorite at one time but forget about crushing sweet candies, Foodmandu is here to make food your real crush now. You just sit on your couch and visit your favorite stall and while you explore around the stall zone, get lucky by discovering a treasure box. These boxes hold from Rs50 up to Rs500 worth of food vouchers! We hope the odds are in your favor and you get to collect more treasures!

  7. Online Games

    “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  While you are relishing with Foodmandu Online Food Festival, make sure you take some of your time out to play online games available during the food festival. Why? Because you get to win food coupons. Download Foodmandu app to know what games are awaiting your presence and experience offline excitement in an online platform.

  8. Free Delivery

    While you are getting so many amazing offers on food, how about not having to pay delivery charges? Oh yes!!! This is happening for real in this food festival. You get heavy discounts on food items and free delivery of those items as well. Why bother to pay full price for regular Khaaja at the nearby station while you can get amazing varieties at cheaper rate delivered for free at your own space? Just enjoy ordering!

    And yes, your every purchase above Rs.2500 will be complemented by a free 180ml Ruslan Ultra Premium Vodka!! So, enjoy this Mega Festival- “Ruslan Ultra Premium Vodka presents Online Food Festival 2019” in association with Daraz, powered by Somersby supported by Grand Master and make a happy start of 2019 with extended festive vibes. Nothing can stop the foodie craving but this food festival can certainly align with your foodie mood. Let the countdown begin!



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