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Introducing Farmer’s Market at Le Sherpa

February 8, 2017
farmers market in Kathmandu,

When I was a child, I remember, a small market used to be organized every Saturday and vendors from nearby villages participated in it offering their unique products. The products were all homemade and no pesticides were used during farming. It was known as “Haat Bazar” in village and used be the point of meeting and gathering among local communities.

farmers market in Kathmandu,

Farmer’s Market at Le Sherpa

Now, the similar version of markets are being organized in Kathmandu every Saturday, one of them is “farmer’s market at le sherpa”. There are both Nepali and foreign producers involved, representing 40-50 vendors in total.

farmers market at le sherpa

Home-made doughnuts



farmer's market, foodmandu food delivery

Vendors and visitors in Farmer’s Market at Le Sherpa

Offered produces are completely organic and locally made starting from organic fruit, vegetables, artisanal bread and pastries, European cheese, fresh fish, organic honey’s, home-made chutney, jams and other delicacies.

We invest a lot on our health in many ways, why not we start eating something fresh and organic, which directly contribute on our long term survival and reduce health complications, for we are naturally built for organic food.

Now people are slowly getting aware of this fact and are starting to look for such places. This will also help the organic agricultural promotion as well.

So much varieties and choices,

Order now from Farmer’s Market

organic food delivered by foodmandu

Local goodies

organic food from foodmandu, local food on foodmandu

Local Tea, Tulsi Leaf

food items in farmer's market

Locally made coffee

food from farmer's market

More coffee

The best thing here is foodmandu recently partnered with “farmer’s market at le sherpa” which means now you can sleep freely late on the Saturday morning after the weekend night and food items you are looking from Farmer’s market will directly delivered in your doorsteps.

If you would like to dive into more details,

here’s the menu from Farmer’s Market at Le Shepra :


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