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Summertime sweetness

May 12, 2019 (Last Updated: May 16, 2019)

Summer is here and this hot season gives you more reason to say hydrated. A sunny day definitely demands a delicious cold drink to beat the heat and Foodmandu is up to make your day deliciously refreshing. Here is the list of delicious varieties for this summer:

1. Nochini:

Situated in Chhauni, Nochini offers 4 different healthy juices. Wait! Let me explain the name. Nochini might sound like some anime character name but no, it just means no sugar in the Nepali language. The best thing about this brand is the amounts of fruits, nuts, or dairy items are regulated precisely to manage nutrition and keep the calories in-check too. The juices are made with just two ingredients of fruits and whatever exceeds 24 hours are thrown away. Nochini could be the best choice for a fresh and nutritious cold drink alternative.

2. Blenders:

Blenders from Kamalpokhari is another Milkshake joint foodies need to try this summer. Reminds you of the cute bulb shaped bottles, doesn’t it? Well, if it doesn’t, it surely will now that you have read this. Packed in these cute bulb shaped bottles, Blenders offers choco chills blends, cutie fruity blends, sneaky cookie blends, and classic tantrums blends with many varieties under them. So get ready to chill your summer with these varieties from Blenders.

3. Keventers:

Located in Durbar Marg, Labim Mall, and Thamel, Keventers offers milkshakes in various flavors. With three broad categories of Classic, Fruity, and Thick, you can choose small or large size under each depending on your thirst. Keventers have been serving their milkshakes for decades and now have come to Nepal with their delicious flavors to tease your taste buds.

4. Baskin Robbins:

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. This song, back from 1925, will forever remain relatable. Every summer makes us crave for ice cream and well if I talk about Baskin Robbins, the season doesn’t really matter, does it? I can say that I have met more BR fans than I have met GoT Fans. LoL. Needless to say, BR is available in different flavors and quantity and you will love it.

5. Icekraft

The ice cream tale doesn’t stop in just BR, you can order varieties of the flavor of ice cream from Icekraft as well. The name Icekraft is in itself enough to cool you from within during the summer heat. Situated in Durbarmarg, your options do not just limit in ice creams when you visit the place. You can have varieties of waffles and some fast foods like burger, pasta, and fries if you are not an ice cream person. But who can resist some cool flavors of ice cream in summer? So, here you go!

So, here’s a bunch of options for foodies who look forward to enjoying their days to the fullest without having to think what to order in these hot summer days. Drooling? That won’t help reduce your cravings. Log in to Foodmandu and place your order so that you can get these summer scarecrows to your doorstep and enjoy it in your own comfort zone without having to get out in this sunny, hot weather.

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