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Wedding bells! 5 places to order wedding cakes

January 25, 2019 (Last Updated: February 6, 2019)

Wedding bells !! Wedding season is back. While the preparations are going strong, you might be wondering where to order your cakes from. And given that everyone is busy with one work or the other, there is hardly any time to find the places from where you can order your wedding cakes.  Additionally, who would want to miss the ongoing celebration and go out to get cakes? Here is the solution to the problem. Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you can get your cakes ready in these places:

European bakery

Situated in Baluwatar, this bakery offers a wide range of bakery items of which wedding cakes are one. Whether you are a vegetarian who wouldn’t eat cakes normally, European bakery offers different varieties of eggless cakes as well. The fresh cream cakes from a European bakery, without any doubt, would add up more sweetness to your celebrations. One of the happy customers reviewed the cakes with the following words, “Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful cake. The cake looked absolutely perfect and tasted absolutely mouthwateringly gorgeous Everyone was commenting on how lovely it looked. I was so delighted so a huge big thank you.”

Hermann Helmers

Located as Sanepa, this bakery is one of the first choices of many customers for bakery items including wedding cakes. It offers both eggless and with-egg options. The price ranges from Rs.1200-Rs.1400 on average per kg. It offers more than 10 flavors of fresh cream cakes and many other varieties.  It could be a perfect option if you reside around Jhamsikhel or Patan to get the cake for your special day to get ready. So, do as their slogan outside the bakery says, “Buy your freshly baked bread and cakes from your local family baker.” 😉

Crumbs bakery

If you are from Naxal or around that area, here is an amazing option for you to order your wedding cakes from. You have got 12 varieties to choose from and yes that includes eggless option too. Since it offers specific varieties, the quality is out of the question. A happy customer shares her feelings by writing a review as, “Thank u sooo much crumb bakery…..for the awesome cake…..the taste was really mouthfeel….texture obviously soft…..thank u again.” Don’t trust us, you should try it for yourselves.

Sara bakery

Situated in Jawalakhel, this bakery is another option to choose from if you live in Patan. Whether you are looking for 3D animated cakes or simple elegant ones, it offers you your choice. And yes, you do have the eggless option as well. A review on Sara Bakery states, “One of the best bakers in K-town.. Ordered 2 cakes for 2 different days n everything was time n delivered on time too.. Thank you Sara bakery n the team.” And yes it is always better to give a try than to wonder if expectations will be met.

Mandala bakery

This bakery is situated in Balaju making it easier for people around the area to get the best cakes. Like other bakeries, it too offers eggless varieties and oh wait! If you want a separate cake for your elders without sugar content, there you go! Why should youths have all the fun at the wedding? The decorations are heart luring and the price is comparatively less. Whether you want a fairy tale Cinderella cake or a normal classy cake, you can place your order. One of the happy customers writes, “Thank you!! Mandala for  quick service, BEST CAKE, ONLY MANDALA !”

I am sure you are picturing the beautiful cakes in your head and the newlyweds cutting with the happiness on their face. Isn’t that exciting? While you are busy preparing for the wedding, you just place your order with Foodmandu and get it delivered to the venue you want. Why bother to go to order and receive when Foodmandu is here to add ease and happiness to your celebration. Some varieties require pre-ordering as per bakery’s instructions. So, login to Foodmandu app or browse the website to know whether your preferred wedding cake needs pre-ordering. While you are celebrating the moment with the newlyweds, let us do the work because each and every moment of the wedding counts.



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