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January 31, 2020 (Last Updated: August 2, 2023)

Have you even been in an awkward situation because you don’t know what to do next in a formal dinner. Here are some important tips on etiquette that will save your day.

1. Holding utensils

Basic rule, you always hold fork in left hand and spoon in the right. Fork are not supposed to be flipped over and scooped. While eating dishes which require fork only , like pasta or spaghetti, fork can be used in right hand and the tines can be brought up like spoon. Else, the edges should always be pointing downward and the fork should not be brought up to mouth.

2. Eating etiquette

Whenever you are dining, always wait for everyone to be served before you start eating or wait until the host indicates you to start. Also, speaking when mouthful or chewing with mouth open is a big No-No. Not just in formal dinners but also casually when you are eating together with people, this should be avoided. You should not put the fork into your mouth unless you are having some specific meals that require only fork. Furthermore, always taste the food before adding seasonings to it.

3. Resting Utensils

Though this thing is not much of concern in Nepal unless you are Hotel Management student, it is always better to know. Whenever you pause in between your meal, always put the fork and knife in the center of your plate forming acute angle with the tip of both pointing or crossing each other. This makes it clear that you are not over. And if you are done with the meal, place the spoon and fork parallel to each other in a diagonal direction.

4. Table manners

Well, being specific about table manners, it is always advisable to not put your elbow on the table. Just let it rest on your lap if you are not using it. Also, make sure you have put your phone to silent mode while in formal dinner and your phones or keys are not lying on the table. Blowing nose with napkins is a strict No-No in the table. Always excuse yourself before you leave the table for bathroom.

5. Wine tasting:

Whenever you are in a wine tasting event or are drinking wine in any casual occasion. Do not hold the glass by its base. Wine glasses should be held by their stem. Holding glasses by the base is likely to affect the temperature of the wine which affects its taste. Try drinking for the same part of the glass to avoid lip marks all over the rim. However, while clinking the glasses, make sure you do it from the base or bell part to avoid breakage.

Hope that helps! Next time you go for a formal dinner or are dining together with friends and family, make sure these tips click your mind and help you attend any sort of mass gathering confidently. Planning for a quick gathering at your own place? Login to Foodmandu app or website and get all your favorites delivered to your doorstep.

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