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The Tales of Newari Taste

February 6, 2020 (Last Updated: June 17, 2022)

Newari Cuisines are one of the most relished and enjoyed food in the valley. No matter which caste you fall in, there is always a soft corner for newari taste in everyone’s heart. The richness of varieties and unique taste is what makes the dishes distinct from other cuisines. Given that, the valley derives its roots from the Newari civilization, Newari food is also an integral part of the civilization. Here are some major newari restaurant whose dishes will make you fall in love with Newari taste.

1. Bhumi Restaurant & Bar

Bhumi Restaurant is situated in Lazimpat and offers wide variety of Newari dishes. Some of its major servings are Wo (Bara), Chhoyla, Sekuwa and Samay Baji. However, you can enjoy other mainstream items like meal set and pizza too. The price ranges from NRS. 60 to NRS. 720. The minimum price dish is tandoori roti and maximum price dish is Tikka Pizza. Thus, whatever budget you have in your pocket, Bhumi is all set to serve you its best.

2. Thay Bu:

Located at New Road, Thay Bu: is a name for serving authentic newari taste. Newari community is renowned for five major dishes which reflect the newari culture. The name Thay Bu: itself means variety of foods prepared for special occasions. Hence, the restaurant is set to give a taste of authentic newari cuisines. The menu ranges from NRS. 80 to NRS 550 .

3. Jatra Café & Bar:

Jatra is one of the oldest restaurant serving  Newari cuisine along with continental items having dining facilities. The popular dishes of the restaurant are Sandheko sukuti, Kathmandu Pork and Veg Mo:Mo. Situated in Thamel, the price ranges from NRS. 190 to NRS. 790. The least priced menu is Badam Sandheko delights and maximum priced item is Pork Chop.

4. Wunjala Moskva:

The Wunjula Moskva blends the culinary experience of traditional Newari Kitchen of Ason and the aristocratic kitchen of Russia. It is located at Naxal. The menu is categorized into Tuchha (Veg and Non-Veg), Mo:mo, International cuisines, Wunjaala, Chaku Sawa, Desserts, Russian Cuisine (Starter and Maincourse). The price ranges from NRS. 150 to NRS. 1100. The least price item on the menu is Gundruk Achar and maximum priced item is Fried Prawn (Chinese)

5. Paalcha Newari Kitchen:

Situated in Jawalakhel, Paalcha Newari kitchen is another name serving authentic Newari dishes. The restaurant claims that the food they serve will ignite the tastebuds of food enthusiasts. It has broadly categorized its menu under Mo:Mo, Starters, House Special, Sekuwa & Taas, Pork Delight, Pizza, Others and rice. The price ranges from NRS. 50 to NRS. 475. The least price item is Spiral Potato and maximum priced is Dinner set Chicken.

So foodies, explore the new tales of flavor by relishing the authentic newari dishes or the newari taste you haven’t tried yet. Foodmandu is all set to deliver these scrumptious newari dishes to your door step. Log in to Foodmandu app or website or ring us up to order your favorite dishes at your comfort zone.

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