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Faces Of Foodmandu: Bishow Raj Gurung

November 29, 2016

“Three years back, I joined Foodmandu as a Customer Service Representative (CSR). Foodmandu was running with the limited number of staffs (around 20 people). But on today’s status, Foodmandu has grown up with new departments being added as well as number of  employees.

faces of foodmandu

Strategic movement is one of the important factor as a CSR. Various situation arises during process of order taking and delivering, to deal with which a CSR has to be mentally prepared. With the help of colleague, we have been successful to build up strong bond with our customers. The throbbing experience of the Earthquake followed by the blockade, we learned the value of customer satisfaction by providing the service in the crisis situation. Though times were rough and difficult to operate, the challenge to satisfy the customer demand and see the smile on their face was truly mesmerizing.

Proud to be the part of organization where we consider each other as a family member, which is the reason behind the success of the company. With all my heart, I wish to see Foodmandu moving forward in the coming future.”

-Bishow Raj Gurung
Customer Service Supervisor

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