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Tibetan Cuisines: More than just a Food

February 19, 2020 (Last Updated: June 17, 2022)

Nepal shares a very close relationship with Tibet. All the historical stories of Bhrikuti getting married to Songtsen Gampo and Nepal’s trade relationship with Tibet depicts the close relationship between these two countries. While Nepal shares border with Tibet, it is vivid that northern part of Nepal shares some culture and lifestyle as well. Thus, Tibetan dishes are more than just a food. They are reminder of all the tales of relationships that we shared with Tibet. The history that legends like Harit Tara “Bhrikuti” and Araniko created in ancient times is something we should cherish too. For that, what can be a greater starter than Tibetan Cuisine itself? Here are some amazing Tibetan restaurants that you shouldn’t miss.

1. White Zambala

Situated in Boudhha, White Zambala is a Multi-Cuisine Restaurant specializing in Tibetan dishes. The menu is clear enough to understand the dishes so that customers will know what they are ordering and can make a rough estimate of the taste of the unique dish that they are trying. They offer cold dishes, Hot Meat Dishes, Screen Bowl items, Hot Pot. Etc. White Zambala has Veg items in its menu too.

2. Lakpa’s

Laphing is one of the most popular Tibetan dishes that has stolen the heart and soul of Millenials today. While being a relatively new dish in the Nepali food market, it has been able to attract the youths to the spicy taste of it. Lakpa’s serves a variety of Laphing. The flavors itself vary from Sweet to spicy and have various addings like Noodles, chips, peanuts in dry and soup options. While specializing in this dish, they also sell packaged snacks like khapse, chips, chhurpee and their Moleko Aalo is the youngsters favorite.

3. Sherpa Café

Situated in Jhamsikhel, Sherpa Café is another most loved Tibetan Restaurant. Though they serve multicuisine dishes, their Tibetan dishes like Ting Mo which is steamed Bun, Thukpa is one of a kind. They have pasta, salad, sandwiches, tradiational Himalayan specialities, side dishes and continental dishes in their menu.

4. Lhayul Laphing

Another top-notch centre for Laphing is Lhayul Laphing. Breaking the stereotype of normal laphing we enjoy, they have come up with variety of non-veg options of Laphing. How cool is that ! Bacon Laphing, Buff Laphing Sausage, Chicken Keema Laphing, Chicken Sausage Laphing are some varieties of Non-veg options while Chips laphing, kurkure laphing, Lays laphing, etc. are the options for veg. And yes, there is always option for Veg and Non- Veg.

5. Mechung Restaurant

Situated in Boudhha, Mechung Restaurant is a Tibetan restaurant. Like every other restaurant, it serves multi-cuisine dishes while specializing in Tibetan. You have varieties of dishes to select from Buff, chicken, pork and veg categories. The menu names are in Tibetan language itself thus, the description of dishes is a better way to understand the dishes. The exotic names of these dishes are itself tempting enough to make any non-veg foodie drool.

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