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Things that Nepalese can relate Dashain with

October 4, 2019

Dashain has entered our homes and with it enters a lot of other complementary stuffs like shopping and eating. For foodies, everyday is a Dashain, no doubt. However, the real Dashain vibes come with something that is different than regular days. Is it only me who gets the feels by the amazing weather with the clear blue sky? There is something in the atmosphere that tells you to welcome the festival, without having to look on to the calendar. Here are a few things that we Nepalese usually relate Dashain with.

Taas game on

Gathering with friends and family around Dashain usually ends up with playing cards. That pain in the heart when you lose your hard-earned Dakshina that you were planning to save and get yourself some of your favorite stuffs is real. We have varieties of cards player. First type- those siblings who lose and get so disheartened that  you have to return their money back. Second one are those who keep on winning and then once the luck shifts to other hands, they leave the game. Quite smart ones! Third type keeps on playing despite losing a heaps with a hope to gain the lost amount back For those who have exams after Dashain, yes , that’s what is called a disposition effect 😉 .

Maasu season

Meat lovers, despite having meat on other regular days, love Dashain because it is no less than a Bhoj. The normal chicken trend shifts to mutton. The normal khaaja in typical nepali ghar would be maasu chiura for most of the days, especially after fulpati. I call it Maasu season both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Non-vegetarians recall it with a drool. However, the maasu season implies sadness for vegetarians.

Vacation time

One of the major reasons we love Dashain is for the holidays. Sorry professionals, I am pretty sure all of us miss the long vacation we used to have during Dashain as students. Now after entering into the corporate world, 6-days holiday is the maximum you get for Dashain and yet we are excited because it is the longest festival-holiday you get in a year. Also, it is the best time of the year to travel to places with the clear and mild weather. Who’s up for a short trek?


At the end of the day, Vijaya Dashami is all about how much more dakshina you can collect as compared to your group of cousins. Especially, when you are a student and your sole source of earnings is Dakshina, this love for Dashain is limitless. Sorry boys, girls win this Dakshina game! 😉

Silent valley

To all those who reside within the capital during Dashain, this time of year is all about empty streets, empty markets and closed shutters. If you want to eat something, you might have to go to each and every nooks and corners of the town to find some restaurants that are open. Or you might have to travel one extra mile to get the dress you want. You have planned an amazing journey in your head with friends. But half of your friends are going their hometown out of valley. Silent Valley, silent streets are the signs of Dashain reaching climax. You may now sing I am Mr. Lonely 😛

The changa and ping season

As the clear blue sky and fresh air blows, it is the signal for you to take the Lattai and Changa to the rooftop and fly it and most of all, it signals that Dashain has arrived. The nearby grounds have got the linge ping built for these 15 days of Dashain. We remember how the skies used to be filled with kites. The happy feeling of making other kites ‘chet’ and that pain in the heart when own kite is gone is so real. The long lines you had to stand to get on to that swing. Most of these have been sadly replaced by Pub-G these days. How we long to get those days back again!

So many things to celebrate and so many things to worry about! But finding good food from good restaurants is not something you need to worry because Foodmandu is at your service on all days of Dashain except on the day of Vijaya Dashami. Ready for Bhoj all day? Make this ‘Bada Dashain’ more ‘Bada’ with your immense love for food and get scratch card with every order. And do not forget to click a selfie with our delivery riders while getting your order delivered and post to Facebook to win Rs.1000 worth food voucher. #DoTheFoodmandu

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