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Faces of Foodmandu : Nawaraj Khadka

October 18, 2016
Faces of foodmandu

“I joined Foodmandu as a Customer Service Representative around 3 years ago. Being a travel enthusiast and student of Information Management but not much of a foodie, it was a new and interesting job for me.  Ensuring customer satisfaction coordinating with the team members in customer service, delivery boys, customers themselves and the restaurants was a challenging task but still the satisfaction we got when each and every order were delivered in time was inexpressible.  It was rewarding most of the times while sometimes it was stressful with telephone ringing all around and a lot of orders to be delivered with limited resources. It enhanced my management skills and I feel happy about it. I learned a lot about restaurants in Kathmandu, the cuisines they serve, and food behavior of customers around Kathmandu valley. Predicting order timing and food choice of customers was one of the things I enjoyed the most.

Faces of foodmandu Currently, I am working as a web developer here. Being a student of Information Management, I was looking for a career in Information Technology and Foodmandu provided me this opportunity too. I would thank our CEO Manohar Adhikari for the opportunity, his mentoring and continuous guidance. To ensure proper management and quality service, we need a software system that makes the tasks easier. With increasing customer base and changes in technology each day, working as a developer in a mounting organization like Foodmandu has always been a matter of pride and challenge for me.


 Foodmandu has grown a lot compared to what it was when I joined and maintaining the service quality with a small team during the growth phase was one of the challenges for our team before. We managed to accomplish the challenges through coordination and teamwork and have developed a lot today. I appreciate the efforts of our co-workers, customers and the cooperation of restaurants to help us reach where we are.  You click, we pick! Happy ordering!”

– Nawaraj Khadka

  Web Developer

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