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The New Strategy in the Promoting Movies

April 26, 2018

Source: Keki Adhikari Instagram

Imagine ordering food online and getting it delivered by your favorite stars. Seems like a dream come true right? Well it came true for few lucky customers of Foodmandu. Aashish Pokhrel, one of the lucky customers describes the encounter as a complete surprise and further adds, “It was my first order from Foodmandu. I got a call from a delivery lady and when I went to receive it, two ladies were there with my food and guess what Reecha sharma and Keki Adhikari were on my door with my Pizza. It was totally unexpected”.

Another lucky customer Rubina Gurung was also completely overwhelmed to find the beautiful actresses at her  doorstep. “We often order from Foodmandu when we have gatherings and we are too lazy to cook dinner. That day I was with my friends and we had ordered pizza. We really like the service of Foodmandu as they are prompt, convenient and have friendly staff but beyond our expectation that day two beautiful ladies were on the door with red bag of Foodmandu and they were no other than Reecha sharma nd Keki Adhikari with camera focusing on us, everything happened so fast that I was so shocked and nervous for a while. Celebrities delivered our Food? And on top of that food was free”


Source: Ramailo Cha

The actresses Keki Adhikari, Reecha Sharma and Priyanka Karki took over the delivery service of Foodmandu as a part of promotional campaign for their upcoming release “Kohalpur Express”. Instead of the traditional ways of film promotion, this movie introduced new kind of promotional strategy in Nepali film industry. This type of campaign allows the stars to connect with their fans as it provides the opportunity of one on one interaction. The Kohalpur express star and producer Keki Adhikari says, “When we came up with the delivery plan, we didn’t think what would be the response but it was better than we expected. My character in the movie is itself about a delivery girl and we thought to tie up with the express food delivery service in town Foodmandu as we can relate. Getting to customer’s doorstep was really amazing experience. This kind of idea of co branding and promotion is really new in our country. We are glad that we did this. And we are thankful to Foodmandu for the support.”

Mr Shyam Ratna Mali, Brand Manager of Foodmandu says, “We look forward to new ideas, when Keki ji approached us with this plan we instantly agreed to it. This has broken the stereotypical promotions. Our customers were delighted to have the actress delivering their food.” Foodmandu is always happy to tie up for innovative  promotional ideas in future. The movie is set to release this Friday, stay tuned!


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