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February 25, 2016
Bricks cafe

Bricks café located at Kupandol, Lalitpur is a multi cuisine restaurant established in 2011 A.D. A 100 years old house built during the Rana Regime, turned into a Café with traditional décor, with the very effort of Mr. Mohit  Acharya. The Café’s interior design with a unique blend of tradition and culture makes the customer visit the place often. The food served are full flavored and hygienic. With the Pizza being the specialty of the place, other repeatedly served food is typical nepali snacks like chicken choila, mushroom choila, buff sukuti, etc.

Bricks building

Bricks cafe- Before and After Earthquake 2015

After the devastating earthquake of April 25th, the Café was damaged badly. Many of the Engineers suggested the building is safe to renovate, but considering the safety of the customers they decided to rebuild the entire house using the same bricks and windows. They took it as an opportunity to improve settings that were not satisfying. After the quake, the restaurant remained closed for almost 10 months for the restoration and renovation. Now it has started its service from 14th Feb, 2016. It re opened with the same spirit and intensity, welcoming their customer with better food and service.

Further we had a short talk with the owner Mr. Mohit Acharya, who illustrated more about the café.

Q.  By what vision you opened Bricks café?
Ans: To serve people with good food and service.

Q. Bricks Café Speciality?
Ans: Pizza for sure. Everyone should try our Pizza at least for once.

Margarita Pizza

Margarita Pizza from Bricks Cafe

Q. Bricks café for family or teenagers or corporate?
Ans: For all.

Q. Whats your secret to keeping customers coming in?
Ans: Good food & good hospitality.

Q. How would you rate your hygiene out of 10?
Ans: 10/10
Q. What are the three things important in restaurant?
Ans: Its food, hygiene and PR.

Q. What advice you would give to those who would like to open their own restaurant?
Ans: This business is very challenging and interesting. We are still learning. I just wanted to say give your best, work hard; you will definitely achieve the best.

Q. Bricks Café in Your words?
Bricks café is a nice cordial place to sit and relax with the good food and service.

So, from the Italian fusion to typical Nepali food, Bricks Café has been serving outstanding food since 2011. The food menu meets the taste of customers within and outside the country. Mr. Sunil Shrestha who is a spontaneous chef even served us with an outside the menu dish in less than half an hour. Besides the food being so flavorsome, the ambiance and hospitality of staffs are welcoming which makes you wanna visit even more. Bricks by bricks they have made it, now all up and running. Bricks Café assures they are back with lot of improvement and the same vigor. Visit the place; you would definitely love it – the food and ambience.

chicken honey glazed

Chef’s Special Honey Glazed Chicken

If you want the same scrumptious food from Bricks Café at your home or office, always remember Foodmandu. Call us at 4444177, 4440979 or 9802034008 or visit our website to place your order and get your food right at your doors.

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