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The Lunch box: Quenching your hunger

August 10, 2018

“I am not a professional chef, nor do I have any culinary background. But I am a foodie and I know my food” says Mr Jimmy Prem Karthak, owner of The Lunch Box, a small eatery in Kupondole. This place is tucked away in a small space in Kupondole and is easy to miss but this place is bustling with people throughout lunch hours. Especially the office workers and college students love the place because of its quality and quantity in reasonable price. This is an “American Dhaba” as Mr Jimmy Prem Karthak likes to call it, serves really filling and wholesome food.
Since many people turn vegetarian during Shrawan in Nepal, The Lunch Box has been promoting their veggie delights, which are totally mouthwatering.

So what to order?

Ultimate vegetarian burger: This mountain of burger has everything from tofu, paneer, and patties made from cheese, potato and grated spinach. Their specialty is their special homemade sauce and potato chips. Despite the look, it tasted amazing, but then food should appeal your mouth not your eyes right?

Ultimate vegetarian sandwich: Since the ingredients are almost the same (except for corn), you may think that the burger and the sandwich taste alike right? But that’s where you are wrong. They taste completely different but totally delicious. Must be their special sauce and fresh ingredients!


Veggie mixed pizza: This is not your typical pizza, it’s a meal pizza, get it? Because the crust is thick (and amazing), more cheese and toppings. This is a perfect lunch dish if you skipped your breakfast.

If you want to try any of their dishes, you can order right away from Foodmandu’s website, or download Foodmandu’s app.

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